The Silk Scarf

Striking or simple, colourful or monochrome, silk or made of wool, scarves are a must have in our wardrobe and personally I could never say I have too many of them. There is something though, about the silk scarf that has a special place in my heart. The delicate and soft material against my skin […]

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Sit back and enjoy the sunshine!

Friday night and after a long busy week I come to realise that it was only a few days ago that I was in magical Portugal, enjoying the sun and amazing food getting away from life back in Dublin. These working days just get you some times and make these magic summer moments seem like a […]

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Miami Memories

Miami memories – outfits

A few days that we are back and missing Miami so bad! Everything was so great, seeing my relatives, spending Christmas so different than I was used to, eating all this lovely and new to me food… the sun and sea and the beautiful warm weather …aww how nice it was! I am also really missing wearing […]

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