just Kassi white and grey


For the people like myself who decided to leave their own country, for whatever the reason, it is always hard not to miss the life they had before. I guess the heading can be a little bit strong but this time of the year is when I am homesick the most. The feeling doesn’t faint […]

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beach Aran Islands

Losing myself in Inis Mór

I have been living in this country now for 3.8 years…. and it took me that long to discover beautiful Inis Mor. From day one living in Ireland, I drew a list of all the places that I wanted to visit while here. The list is long and hopefully I will be able to get […]

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Irish summer – Dress code

Irish Summer, an enigma that cannot be easily answered… Is it really a summer period, or just autumn disguised as spring?… This question is a tricky one… Getting down to the detail though. We have been pretty privileged the past few weeks with a beautiful and spring/summery type of weather. Especially a few weekends ago […]

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