Trinity College Dublin


We made it to my last look for for this month and I am so happy I picked to style and shoot these distressed jeans. I have been looking for a while for the perfect distressed jeans and I was very close to try and make me mine till i found this pair by […]

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A walk in town

Boots – Clark I Bag – Bata, Milan I Coat – Sisley I It’s been freezing the past few days, and the secret to keeping warm is just layering up. Walking to town last week I literately couldn’t wear any more clothes! Even if it’s Friday night I don’t mind staying in, wrapping up with […]

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DIY – Brooch

    How to make a nice brooch out of materials that you can find in your house. We all have so many stuff in our drawers that we don’t probably use, just think before you are about to throw them away. How could you use them differently, be creative and you never know what may come […]

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