What is Derma Pen

Micro needling, my first Derma Pen experience (VIDEO)

It is amazing what you get to do to stay youthful looking especially when you pass the age of 32! I have always been very interested in anything that has to do with beauty, anti ageing and looking plump and young. My research and talking to friends and of course Therapie Clinic led me to […]

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5 tips for perfect skin – 10 days #day 7

Our skin is the largest organ of our body that protects us from germs and bacteria, keeps us warm or cool by regulating our temperature, and permits the sensations of touch. Now after reading all this,our skin seems to be a very important organ. Our skin and its appearance is a major factor that can […]

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Date night preparations – 10 days #day 4

It might be a week night but this does not mean that it can’t be a date night. Date nights for us girls take a lot of preparation, and I am not just referring on just doing the make up or finding an outfit to match; no it’s not just that. Our preparation comes a […]

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