JKC – My first pop up store in Designers in the city

JKC - Just Kassi T-shirts pop up stores

Some people choose to go fast some people choose a slower route in life, whatever the circumstances or the route you choose to take,  make sure that you always progress and that you always move forward. My strong desire to actually create something from scratch has been something that I always aimed for. This desire […]

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Horse back riding in Pelion Mountain in Greece

horse riding cover

Everyone that thinks of visiting Greece, only thinks of blue sandy beaches, sipping cocktails and island hopping, but have you ever thought of combining your holidays with something a little different such as horse riding? Summer in Greece can offer a lot more activities than a relaxed laid back beach holiday, or you can at least […]

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48 hours in Monaco and Cote D’Azur – What to see and do

beach south of France

Who doesn’t love the luxury life that you can experience over in beautiful Monaco, but how many of you have postponed this so-called luxury trip because you think that you cannot afford a weekend in the beautiful “Principato of Monaco”. With this travel guide, I am going to prove to you that with a moderate budget you can […]

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