How to set the right goals for 2021 by finding your “WHY”

Happy New Year everyone!

I told you all that this website is changing and I kept my promise. I will do my best to update it with valuable and life inspired content as much as I can, without clogging your mailboxes but by making a promise that in 2021 I will help you all shift your mindset and think a lot more abundantly and open.

I will aim to help you all come on a personal development journey with me and see how it can change your life and perspective. I’m still on my own journey and this is something that won’t stop as I know that I have only just scraped the surface with all that I’m learning and trust me, I’m not going to keep them secret.

How to set the right goals for the NEW YEAR

The last period, I have followed many workshops that helped me find the right way to set my goals giving step by step guides and how-to techniques and I will briefly mention them to you here, but you can all watch and take notes from my Facebook LIVE video I did a few weeks back. (scroll down for it)

Here are the few main tips that anyone should start with if they want to make 2021 count.


To start with you have to declutter everything in your life that makes you feel bad or is not allowing you to have the right space to create new thoughts, habits or beliefs.


Make sure you forgive yourself for all the things you believed you did wrong. Your mistakes or failures were all lessons that helped you move to the next level.

“If you are afraid to fail then you are afraid to succeed.”

Manifestation babe

Acknowledge your accomplishments

Reviewing the year you had and remembering of all things you learned and mastered through the year it’s a way to set you in the right path for setting the right goals for the new year. Remember that we have all been through a pandemic so be kind to yourself and give credit for everything you have achieved small or large. Even if you haven’t achieved anything yet, give credit to yourself for deciding to take action now.

Find your WHY

One of the things you should make sure that you do before setting your goals is to find your WHY.

Asking yourself WHY you are doing whatever it is that you are pursuing is the most important part as this is what will motivate you and fire you up to set and acomplish your goals.

Ask your self 7 times WHY and keep going deeper and deeper till you find the true answer that keeps you going. Peel all the layers and become more aware of your power and potential because you are unstoppable.

Watch the video below to get all the answer you need to understand more on goals setting and finding your WHY.

You can also watch the video on Facebook here:

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