Times have changed, and so have I.

It has been a whole 9 months since my fingers touched the keyboard and my brain had this clarity and desire to start writing again on this space! It feels liberating!

The feeling is so powerful and I want to take advantage of this new energy I feel, as I think it is about time we address the fact that our times have changed and this has required us to change and to evolve to a better version of ourselves.

My absence from my blog was not conscious or deliberate and it was not a decision of deep thinking, it just happened. I wasn’t getting the satisfaction or I wasn’t feeling that I had the energy or time to put into something that wasn’t very aligned to what I felt all these months. Life in lockdown and motherhood has changed me and I can now feel it, acknowledge it and be very proud of this change that is happening in me.

During the last few months, I had the urge to start looking within, connecting with my core and finding who I truly am and how I can help and serve others while being on this planet. I answered many questions that were put to me and for some, I found the answers but for most, I’m still searching. This searching is what made me go even deeper and ask for clarity, ask for forgiveness starting from myself and then from others.

This soul searching has made me find comfort in personal development and in studying around how our minds work and how people are programmed.

As I’m changing you will see JUSTKASSI.com changing too, providing you with knowledge and insights of what I’m currently working on and learning.

Thank you for being part of my journey and thank you for still being here.

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