The 90s puffer jacket – Photoshooting in Sounio

The puffer jacket is back!!

We all remember the 90s! Especially if you were a teenager during that decade you would have probably owned one of the iconic puffer jackets we all wore to school!

I know I’m showing my age but on our trip to Greece this winter I was happy to discover a gem in my husband’s childhood closet. I was very surprised when I found out that he kept his oversized Filla jacket from his high school days!

Oversized as it should be, his XL puffer jacket was way too big for my figure but as soon as I saw this piece I knew that I had to shoot it for the blog. We were heading to Sounio that day so I knew that the day would be perfect for a quick photoshoot!

puffy vintage jacket

{Stretchy jeans by also seen here }

It may not be the most inspired styling that I have come up with but since being a mama things have changed and unfortunately, I don’t have the time I want, or energy I need to be as creative with my looks. Also, the fact that nothing fits me can be a pain as most of my nice clothes are a size too small! For this reason, I paired it with the only stretchy pair of jeans that still fit, an oversized jumper and my comfiest Addidas snickers. After all, this is how we wore it to school!

Puffy jacket sounio


Filla vintage jacket


puffy green jacket

BW Poseidon Temple

The temple of Poseidon

Having Sounio and the Temple of Poseidon as my backdrop to this quick 2-minute shoot with Antonis was something I would love to do again. The temple which is one of the most famous¬†ancient Greek sights is worth visiting. It’s only an hour away from Athens and you can get there any time of the year.

Hopefully my next shoot there will be with a flowy spring dress and Amaryllis by my side.


Temple of Poseidon

{Temple of Poseidon – Sounio Greece}

Temple of Poseidon Greece

Photos by Antonis G.

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