The New era of digital Nomads – Is this life accessible to all of us?

Working on my blog and online business for a few years I have experienced what the life of the so-called digital nomad can be. I may have only scraped the surface of this type of life as the fact that I’m married and have a family does not allow me to be on the go 24/7 but if this is something that I wished to pursue I could do it.

This new trend of the digital nomad has been growing through the years and many people have asked me how it is possible and if this could be the type of life for them. But first, let’s get this straight and explain what a digital nomad really is and does.

Digital Nomads

Some people confuse the life of a digital nomad with a modern-day backpacker discovering new places that men have never explored. Digital Nomads love to explore the great places that others only dream of. They do this by earning their incomes with modern tools. This allows them to explore the world, travel, and work from virtually anywhere. 


To achieve this type of life you will need to be electronically connected. You will need these connections for work and you will need programs for housing, traveling, grabbing and completing jobs, and getting paid all on the go. You will need to be connected to some serious jobs and earning some serious income or else it is not worth it. There are times when you will work much more than you will travel. As a nomad, you will grab the money while it is available. Forbes Magazine recommends these professional sites to help you get started. 

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Today’s Digital Nomad

Technology and science have taken mankind to levels in recent years. We can turn on a computer that fits in our hands and read news from around the world. We can listen to music from any era, and play games with people who do not even speak our language. We can get a 

degree while studying from our house. Today’s digital nomad is never really cut off from the life they have unless they want to be. If they get lonely, they can call home using their phones or computer and talk to and see their loved ones. 

Preparing to begin your new lifestyle

To begin, you will need to start getting your name known. Build your website, resume, and portfolio at home. Take on some work near your home. Join some DN groups and get to know some people who are living the life you want to live. Check out some posts that recommend tools. There are a lot of published articles on the web that are helpful on how to get started.

Other things to consider is health care, insurance, and regular medication. Of course, if you are hurt while traveling, you need health insurance for remote workers to ensure you can get the care you need, but there is more to consider. If you take a daily medication, you need to make sure it is available where you are traveling. Do not count on being able to take the medication with you. Each country has its own rules and regulations about medications. Some are restricted and some are illegal. This can carry some serious consequences. 

If you are blessed enough to know someone who is an experienced digital nomad, ask to go along with them on a journey so you can see what it really is like. If not, do your homework. You are going to have to be very honest with yourself about the skills to become a digital nomad. Do not underestimate yourself, but do not try to fool yourself. This is a dream job for some and there are many people ready to step into your shoes if you are not honest about your abilities. 

There is a big and beautiful world out there and it is waiting for you. So, take the steps to make your dreams come true today. You will be glad you did. This is a chance of a lifetime. 

Digital nomads are not just bloggers

You don’t have to be a travel blogger to be a digital nomad, although it can help this is not always the only way to get started. Many people that their work is mainly online, such as graphic designers, software developers, writers, business coaches, network marketers can live this type of life.

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