“Baby moon” Is it a trend or should you have one when you’re pregnant?

Baby moon has recently become a thing and you see so many pregnant influencers and Instagramers having a little picture perfect holiday before their baby arrives.

So is baby moon a trend started from social media or is it something that all pregnant women should consider before having their baby?

Here are a few facts to consider on why you should go for your baby moon.

The last time you will be spending together as a couple

If you are becoming parents for the first time then a baby moon is the perfect way to enjoy each others company for the last time without having to think of diapers, feeding or babies crying.

Especially if you opt in for a summer baby moon then you will get to enjoy the sun without having to worry about applying extra sun blog to your kids or making sure you bring all their toys.

Although the above will all be fun when the time comes there is nothing wrong to enjoy being the two of you for that last time. 

{Scarf by Magee 1886

Time to appreciate this very special period of your life without routine distracting you

Your baby moon can also be as that much needed time off that you have been looking for your partner to let all the new emotions sink in and start thinking of your self as parents to be. Sometimes with everyday life being so fast, we don’t allow enough time to sit and breath and take in a new reality.

So don’t underestimate the importance of going away even for a few days.

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Our baby moon Experience

Our baby moon was going to be initially a long holiday in Greece as usual, but our doctor advised us that it is better if we don’t take a long flight so our baby moon plans went out of the window, but we somehow managed to squeeze a long weekend early in our pregnancy to Monaco and Cote D’Azur.

just kassi South of France

So a few more things to consider before you go:

– Check with your doctor if you are allowed to take a long flight,

– Check to see when is the best time for you to go, some airlines do not allow flying out after 32 weeks

– Aim to go to places where you have access to a hospital so you always feel safe

For our baby moon we checked all the above and as we were visiting family it was so much easier to plan everything.

One last thing you have to consider is how tired you will be so maybe a city break is not advised as walking and moving from one place to the next will exhaust you.

Your body is working extra time this special period of your life so it is good to give it as much time as you need.

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Happy Baby moon!

Photos by Antonis Gk.

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