Tips for a comfortable look during your pregnancy

I think we all have seen sexy pregnant ladies on Instagram and in movies rocking the Black Little Dress and wearing nude high heels! while heavily pregnant!

I have seen images like that in the past a lot, and I’m happy to say that we have moved away from this unrealistic pregnant woman look that has been slowly but steadily brainwashed to our heads over the years.

As I’m currently experiencing this unique and very special period in a woman’s and a couple’s life, I have to say that as your bump gets bigger the last thing you want is a black little dress or high heels! You immediately reach out for your comfortable shoes and the stretchiest maternity trousers. Especially if you live in a hot country over the summertime that the last thing you will want is a tight dress so the loose tops will come out of your closet as comfort over style is what you will naturally opt-in.

just kassi pregnant

{Grey Cardigan by Oxendales Ireland, top by Sisley, Tracksuit bottoms by Kooples, trainers by Adidas} 

Wear stretchy tracksuit bottoms 

A comfortable and cosy look doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to lose your style. There are so many brands out there that will help you achieve a look and you don’t always have to go for maternity clothes.

Loose and low rise tracksuit trousers can work just fine till the very last few weeks of your pregnancy without having to invest in maternity clothes that you know you will wear only for a few weeks. My Kooples tracksuit bottoms have been the handiest and easiest option for a lazy stroll at the weekend or on a Sunday morning.

pregnancy style shoes

Similar Tracksuit Bottoms below:

Choose loose and long T-shirts 

I have to say that I’ve been very lucky as I love loose and comfortable clothes for my everyday life even before being pregnant so it was very easy to have an oversized long T-shirt by Sisley to pair with my low rise trousers. Grey has been my go-to colour for the last few years and the total grey look comes so naturally to me.

home ware to out ware

Similar Ideas for a grey long T-shirt 

Wear comfy cardigans and go for layers

When pregnant your body temperature may fluctuate, so it is better to wear layers so you can manage your body heat. A comfy and cosy cardigan like the one I’m wearing here by Oxendales Ireland is the perfect solution to this. Even if it is initially bought to wear in the house, it is perfect for an easy stroll when you don’t want to be fussing around and thinking of what to wear.

its the detailsThe pink velvet details make it so soft and I always love a hoody when in Dublin as you never know when the cold wind will catch you.
just kassi oxendales

{Grey cardigan by Oxendales Ireland – see a selection here}

Get inspiration here:

Wear flat shoes and trainers

Even if you love high heels, during this period of your life it’s only natural to go for comfortable shoes. I personally love trainers and my pink Adidas that I was sent by Oxendales Ireland are just perfect for every day. Not only are they comfortable but they can be a perfect match with jeans and maternity leggings and add a pop of colour to your outfit.
non maternity clothes

See similar trainers here:

*Huge thanks to Oxendales Ireland for gifting me the Carding and Adidas trainers to make me feel comfortable during my pregnancy*


Photos by Mei Ling Tong

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