“We’re Expecting a Baby!” – Tips for new parents to be

If you follow me on social media you will already know our news! At the end of the summer, we’re actually becoming a family.

The Big News

The amazing news came to us at the best time ever as we found out a day after Christmas which happens to be our 9 year anniversary!

So on the morning of 26th December 2018 when I took my pregnancy test we knew that things were about to change and we were so looking forward to that.

The moment of truth had nothing to do with the movie scenes we all see. No panic, no tears just a calm feeling of knowing that everything will be taken care of and this is how it has been ever since.

Baby announcement photos

Keeping it a secret

Like all couples, we kept the news to ourselves to start with and we started revealing it to our families and close friends as the weeks progressed. I guess it’s the same with everyone. It is the fear of the unknown and the novelty that kind of numbs you and you’re not utterly sure whether to shout it out loud or to keep it to yourself.

Respecting Antonis wishes we only decided to share with the world after my 19 weeks gestation and only when we made sure that all our tests were ok and we were having a healthy baby. But as my file is in the public eye I was not planning to hide it for very long. I know that this blog post is long overdue and that many of you have been waiting for a while so thank you for your patience.

mom to be announcement

How to prepare for your new roles

I guess the 9 months wait that we are given is a rather good period to digest the new reality that is about to come and focus on the new human that will be joining our life.

The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is “how will I be able to become a parent and look after a tiny person?!”

You can read all the books out there and make rules so that you can be the best parent ever, but as there is no such thing as a manual when we become parents, we all have to get ready and to embrace the ride with all the fun parts that come with it. At least this is what we’re told! (haha)

Like everyone we still haven’t realised it but I’m sure that with the fun parts there will be the tough parts and lots of sleepless nights but we’re here to work on this.

we're having a baby

The few tips that I was given by other couples and the notes I kept from our first antenatal class were:

  • Never forget that you’re a couple

  • You will never get things right, but you will always do the right thing

  • Trust your feelings

  • You know what is best for your baby and for your new family

  • It’s fine to make mistakes

  • Don’t listen to everyone’s advice just to what is best for your baby

  •  Do it your way

  • Sleep as much as you can! When your baby sleeps you also need to sleep, everything else can wait.

Photos by the lovely Mei Ling Tong

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