Summer accessories by Muru Jewellery

After a very long winter, spring has arrived in Dublin and what better time than Easter Weekend! Even if my bump is getting a little bigger and is more obvious, I won’t let it stop me from a quick shoot for a casual inspired look wearing my new Muru Jewellery .

The weather these days is so beautiful and we are all thinking of summer. Apart from all the summer outfits that you will be planning one thing that you also need to consider is all the summer accessories that you will have to pair with your floral dresses and low cut tops. I recently discovered Muru Jewlerry a new brand where you can find lots of cool designs and chains to pair with your summer outfits. After a quick browse on the website,  you will find out that there are so many pieces to choose from, and I went for two rose gold designs that work very well together and you can wear them as layers.

just kassi grand canal

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Muru jewlery

My two picks from the website where my star sign (I’m a Capricorn) and the Karma Circle necklace. You know that I love astrology so choosing my star sign was an easy one. The Karma circle necklace which symbolises Life and Vitality was my second choice as I love pairing the two designs together as they are so similar and therefore complement each other when wearing as layers. I also loved the meaning for the Karma necklace which I found very elegant to wear. Bot designs can be worn on their own if you prefer a less busy style.
layers jewlery

> SHOP the Karma Necklace HERE also available in gold and silver <

sun glasses and accessories

If you are into astrology and star signs like me, Muru Jewellery has a full collection where you can choose from, thinking about it I could have easily got my star sing as well as my moon sign to keep it everything in one theme. This is something that you can do for yourself to keep everyone guessing!
just kassi grand canal

>If you are a Capricorn,  get your start sign necklace here<

rose gold


Huge thanks to Muru Jewley for sending me these beautiful necklaces, I hope you liked them as much as I do!

Photos by Antonios Gk.

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