6 things to consider when taking your pet on holidays with you

Proper Hotel Etiquette When Staying with Your Pet

About to go on a hard-earned holiday? Ughhh. So jealous. But also, yay for you! Holidays are the time that we need to relax, treat ourselves and de-stress from the worries of our day-to-day lives. And one thing that makes that 1000 times better? Bringing your amazing pet with you! These days, bringing your pet with you to many types of accommodation is simple and definitely possible. But once you’ve arrived at your destination, do you know correct pet etiquette?

If you’re staying at a hotel with your pet, then you’ll need to be mindful of your own manners and the manners of your pets. This can be a hard task if you’re not sure of what expectations are. So, we’re here to help. If you’ve been wondering how to put your best foot (or paw) forward when staying at a hotel with your pet, then look no further, because this is your ultimate guide.

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1. Plan and Prepare

One thing that you may have to sacrifice for bringing your pet with you on holidays is spontaneity. Being a model owner traveling with their pet does not necessarily come easily! But with some simple planning and preparation, it can be a wonderful experience for everyone (including fellow hotel guests) involved.

Probably the most important thing to begin with in order to have a successful holiday is to choose the right destination. Some destinations are great for pets, and welcome them, where some just aren’t. Make sure you do your research to make sure you’re not breaking pet etiquette rules by choosing the wrong destination!

Next, find a pet-friendly hotel or contact hotels you’re interested in staying in to find out the details. You’ll be bound by the pet rules of your chosen accommodation, so make sure you’re happy with their policies.

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In preparation for your hotel stay, packing for any situation that may arise is wise. Here’s a handy list that will help you to deal with most situations. Unless your dog ends up lost in the bathtub or something weird like that. That, we cannot help with.


• An extra leash and harness

• Old sheets for protecting hotel furniture

• Old towels in case you need to bathe your pet

• Windex Wipes

• Coat for cold weather

• Food kit

• Prescription medications

• Treats and chews

• Toys

• Puppy pads for the crate

• Loose bedding (towels/blankets)

• Crate fan

• Bedsheets, to protect the hotel’s bedspread and sofa

• Travel bowl

• More poop bags

• Flashlight, clip-on light for nighttime walks

• Extra Zip-loc bags

• Bottle of enzymatic cleaning solution

• Paper towels

• Lint roller

• Air freshener/candle

• Gaffer’s tape or painters’ blue tape, to tape cables and power cords out of reach

• Grooming supplies if desired


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2. (Pet) Reservations Required

Staying in a hotel with your pet is not as simple as swanning into any hotel you please with no mention of your furry pal. Instead, you’ll need to ensure that you disclose that you’ll be travelling with a pet when you book. If you don’t inform the hotel, you could be refused your reservation which is not something you want to deal with when beginning your vacation. If you choose a pet-friendly hotel and inform them of all the info they need to know at the time of booking, such as the size of your pet, then there should be no dramas, and you’ll be following purrfect pet hotel etiquette.

3. Choose the Right Room

When you have a pet with you, you’ll sometimes need to put your preferences on the back burner to ensure that you follow appropriate petiquette. So, as much as you would love to stay in the penthouse suite with amazing views, it may not be oh so appropriate for Milo and/or Otis. Choosing a ground room floor will make it easier to give your pet the outdoor breaks they need. Choosing a room that is relatively quiet (away from elevators, outdoor common areas and stairwells) will also help not to disturb your pet, meaning they will be more settled, and less likely to disturb other guests.

4. Walks = Happiness (When You Follow Hotel Policy)

Taking your pet out for walks and potty breaks is essential to keeping your dog happy when staying in a hotel. But unless you’re staying at a specifically dog-focused resort, it’s generally dangerous to let your dog off leash, plus, it can be downright rude to other guests! Abide by your hotel’s leash policy, and be mindful that not all guests are as nuts about dogs as you are (although they should be!).

4. Avoid Leaving Fido or Felix Alone, Where Possible

If you’ve brought your pup or puss on holidays, then it makes sense that you’ll want to spend as much time as possible with them. But some newbies that travel with their pets end up booking a whole number of activities and locations in which their pet cannot join them in (which is why research is so important!). This is not an ideal situation, as no matter how chill or well-trained your pet may normally be, being left alone in a hotel room can cause the most adorable of companions to show their naughty sides.

Try to plan activities for yourself that your pets can be included in, which will mean less time alone in the room to make mischief. Of course, there will be some occasions where you’ll need to leave your pet to their own devices, however, the goal is to minimize that time. Remember, if you absolutely must leave your pet alone in the room, always place the do not disturb sign on the door. Some hotels even have a specific

More tips on how to keep your petiquette up to scratch when you absolutely have to leave your pet in the room below.

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4. Consider a Crate or Carrier

For the times that you have no choice but to leave your pet in your hotel room for a small amount of time, there are some nifty things to know to keep their behaviour in tip-top form. One of the best pet tips for jet-setting owners is to always ensure that you bring a pet carrier or crate with you on your travels. This is one of the most foolproof ways of keeping your pet (and yourself) stress-free when staying in a hotel.

Pets can get overwhelmed in new locations and situations, so training your pet to be calm and secure in a crate or carrier is super useful. Think of a crate or carrier as a little piece of home that your pet can take comfort in if they’re homesick!

Not only are they good for pets, but they’re good for owners too. If you have a pet that is effectively crate or carrier trained, then leaving your pet in the hotel room when you need to can be far less daunting than letting them have free-reign of the place. Pets left alone in hotels rooms can do a huge amount of damage, from destroying furniture to peeing far too freely. They are also more vulnerable if someone happens to open the door of the room while you’re away – no accidental escaping if they are contained.

In fact, many hotels actually require that their guests leave their pet in a crate or carrier when not in the room, so check with the hotel that you’re staying with. Or better yet—commit to the crate or carrier. An easy, effective fix for peace of mind!

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5. Give the Hotel Staff Your Number. No—Not in That Way!

Another norm of hotel pet stays is that of giving your contact details to the front desk staff. No, not to invite them on a date (well, maybe that too), but instead to ensure they have a way of getting in touch if they need to. Hotel staff will contact you if your pet is barking or if there is another problem that they need you to deal with, so make sure you take the initiative and provide them with this.

6. For the Love of Dogs, Don’t Use Hotel Towels on Your Pet

Okay, we know that your pet is part of your family, but please, please do not use the hotel towels to bathe your pride and joy. That’s nasty. A simple fix is to pack old towels that are pet appropriate for bath time. See tip #1!

Overall, pet etiquette when staying in a hotel is mostly down to common sense and respect. But with this guide, you’ll never make another faux-paw again! Enjoy your trip, worry-free. Travelling with your furry friend? Learn more here!

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