Exploring the famous Centaurs Path in Portaria, Greece

The Path of Centaurs 

If you follow Greek Mythology you would probably be aware of the famous Centaurs the strong men with the upper body of a man and the legs of a horse. The myth has it that they lived in the woods of the famous mountain of Pelio in Greece, wandering in the paths and finding shelter in large caves.

If you want to feel the mystery of the Centaurs then you have to walk the famous Path of the Centaurs in the popular village of Portaria. A path that leads you through the village of Portaria giving you amazing views of the forest and the small waterfalls. just kassi portaria

running water Portaria

Although I am from the area and have heard of the Path of Centaurs from a very young age I never happened to walk it or even discover it. It was last August when we decided to skip the beach for one day and chose to spend one day in the woods exploring the beautiful nature.

The path that is a few kilometres long (max 3km) is easy for everyone to walk and it can be a fun walk for the whole family. Good trecking shoes are advised as the stones and paths can be very slippery. While walking the path we saw a few people with flip flops and this is something that I would strongly advise not to wear.

The start of the path is from the very central part of the village where you admire the lovely architecture of the houses and then it slowly leads you to the exciting part where you walk through a ravine where you admire the high trees and rich nature. just kassi in Portaria

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Portaria path of centaurs

A few things that you should always have with you when hiking is sunblock, water and mosquito repellant.  As the path passes through a small waterfall, being cautious of mosquitos is one thing that we didn’t consider having with us and it is one that truly annoyed us so make sure you have some with you.

The end of the path will lead you to the main road where you will find yourself in a beautiful cafe under the trees and you can take a long nice break having coffee and local sweets.

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