JKC – My first pop up store in Designers in the city

Some people choose to go fast some people choose a slower route in life, whatever the circumstances or the route you choose to take,  make sure that you always progress and that you always move forward.

My strong desire to actually create something from scratch has been something that I always aimed for. This desire came to life through the creation of the JKC line. A T-shirt line using the power of symbols to portray the way we feel in life in a given moment.

The T-shirt saw the light of day in August 2018, meaning that they made their first appearance on the online world. They also found a home in two boutiques in Piraeus Athens. After a long wait and a long cold winter, they made their first appearance in the first pop up market under the wing of the Designers in the City independent project.

So on a very wintery Sunday morning of March,  a bunch of creative and full of energy designers gathered in Ruin Bar Dublin to showcase their work. JKC by Just Kassi was one of the brands and you can see more of the day below.


Setting up at Ruin Bar on Sunday 3rd March 

JKC -pop up shop JKC Designers in the city JKC just kassi designs JKC just kassi pop up shop march JKC just kassi pop up shop JKC just kassi t-shirt designs JKC Just kassi T-shirts pop up shop JKC just kassi T-shirts!

Thank you all for coming and for supporting my first pop us store! 

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