Horse back riding in Pelion Mountain in Greece

Everyone that thinks of visiting Greece, only thinks of blue sandy beaches, sipping cocktails and island hopping, but have you ever thought of combining your holidays with something a little different such as horse riding? Summer in Greece can offer a lot more activities than a relaxed laid back beach holiday, or you can at least combine it.

Summer activities in Pelio Mountain, Greece

There are tons of activities you can do during the Summer in Greece but today we will focus on my favourite area of Pelio and horseback riding.

horse riding Katigiorgis

The club HippoCampus located very closes to the village of Katigiorgi in South East Pelio can offer a different experience to anyone that wants to explore the area in a more raw way and to get more familiar with nature and animals.
About an hour and a half drive from the main city of Volos Katigiorgis village can offer a great summer destination spot combining sports such as horse riding, great food at the local tavernas and lots of places to go swimming with calm and more adventurous waters.

horse back riding

Horse riding in Katigiorgis, Pelio

I have been a huge fan of horse riding and the fact that I used to horse ride and train to jump obstacles when I was a teenager increased my desire to try this out. My desire to combine summer beach holidays with a little bit of action such as horse riding came to reality this summer very close to my home town, Volos.

katigiorgis pelion

The club has many horses and runs many excursions around the different footpaths of the mountain and there are many excursions available for all levels from beginners to very experienced.

As our group was a little mixed with regards to the levels, the owner of the farm Erikos Lefort showed us a small and easy footpath that everyone good ride on. The horses are very calm to follow orders are clean and very well trained.

You may have to bring your own equipment like some soft trousers and boots and if you have a hat. I dug mine out of my closet and got to wear them again after many years which felt great.
just kassi horse riding just kassi horse back riding

My joy of being back of the horse is something that is shown in the photos and my very big smile. Although we opted in for a very short ride and small footpath I can’t wait to go back to the farm and get to ride again the horses.

white horse just kassi

Huge thanks to HippoCampus club for letting us experience a great ride with the horse and get to meet the mountain in a different way.

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