How to style your shirt dress for the beach by Oxendales

It’s February and a summer post may not be that appropriate but when the only thing in your head is summer, and warmer temperatures then any summer post is more than appropriate. After all my Instagram poll showed that you all want to see summer posts compared to winter ones.

Location: LIRI BEACH Pelio

This shoot was taken in August 2018 in Liri in Pelio mountain. Although, I come not very far from the area it was the very first time that I visited this beach. Untouched, with a very few people knowing of its existence, Liri is a beach that only the locals would visit. Its crystal blue-green waters showed us a true paradise waiting to be explored.

liri beach

Mixed patterns

This location was perfect to shoot my summer style guide and my shirt dress send to me by Oxendales Ireland. Even though in my everyday style I don’t usually go for shirt dresses with many patterns this one was different.

Mixed patterns are still a big trend and we will see it again in the next few months and in the SS19 shows. For my beach look, I chose to tone the outfit down but going for a monochrome (one colour) swimsuit and light colour jean shorts allowing all the shirt dress to stand out.

The best advice with mixed patterns is to keep the rest of the outfit simple and elegant. If you haven’t thought of wearing a shirt dress for summer then consider all the pros which are to keep you cool from the sun rays with the long sleeves and to protects you for the UVA and UVB that can damage your skin.

oxendales shirt

{Shirt by Oxendales Ireland – Shop here}

oxendales shirt with jeans shorts

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What if you go to an empty and quiet beach in Pelio, this should never stop you from accessorising an outfit even for the beach.

I have some go-to pieces of jewellery during summer and I tend to choose the ones that are light, elegant and not very expensive. You don’t want to go to the beach with expensive jewellery so always keep in mind go to for looks that look for more but actually cost less.


accessories just kassi

{Short necklace is by a local shop in Volos, Greece – Iliopoulos}
blue swimsuit
{Long necklace is by Anthropologie}

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details just kassi oxendales shirt dress

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