Thank You 2018 – Hello 2019!

Happy New Year!

It’s never late to wish everyone a happy new year and it’s never late to look back and feel grateful for an amazing year. 

2018 was a different year full of surprises.

I freelanced as a social media consultant, I worked with fashion brands for my blog, I took the gut to launch my JKC T-Shirts and I even started working with Nuskin, giving Network Marketing a go. 

So many different opportunities came my way last year, that I am happy to say I took very openly and gave it my best.

just kassi Valentines day outfit

{working with Oxendales for Valentine’s Day}

I am not the type of person that makes resolutions for the new year and I have to say that many things that I achieved in 2018 came as a surprise to me but I am forever grateful for challenging myself and saying yes to the opportunities that arose.

Some of 2018’s achievements were part of my life’s overall goals and secret wishes that even in my wildest dreams I wouldn’t dare like launching a business or going on LIVE TV,

>> Fashion Blogger of the year – TV SHOW <<

One of the big surprises of the year was to join Fashion Blogger of the year tv show. Read about it here

συνδιαστε δυο διαφορετικα μοτιβα

{mix and match – see the look}

greek blogger

{Mans shirt for going out – see the look}

“Some of the amazing gifts that 2018 brought were to be part of a live TV show in Greece for 3 months, launching my T-shirt line and working with Ryanair on an exclusive trip to Malta.”

{see the look}

fashion blogger of the year - just kassi

{see the look}

deppys closet style

{see the look}


After an intense 3 months working on Greek TV, I had to put my main plan of the year to the side and I only managed to launch my JKC T-shirt line at the end of the summer. Although the timing was not right I have managed to make up by investment and I am now in a place where I can actually start making some profit for all my hard work.

Check out my T-shirt here

The arrowed thunder jkc by justkassi

JKC by JustKassi triangle

JKC by justkassi cicle

“I am happy and grateful that I also got to work once more with Oxendales,  Herbalife,, Littlewoods Ireland and of course


Through my work with Herbalife, I discovered my new passion for food styling, even if it is very basic, but it was something that I was happy to find out I had. See my post here.

Kassi Herbalife green smoothie

Antonis got featured on the blog for the first time and he actually got to write about his personal review trying out Herbalife shakes. Read about it here

herbalife couples

>> Joining a Network Marketing company<<

I am also eternally grateful for joining Nuskin and launching my beauty business learning all about Network Marketing and the huge impact that can have to how I work. I will be working on a blog post in the new year giving you more information about the business. 

>> Going on a press trip with Ryanair and Visit Malta<<

One of my goals for my blog was to get a fully sponsored press trip. I was so happy to find out that towards the end of 2018 this dream was coming true as I managed to secure a 2 day trip in Malta with Ryanair and the Malta Tourism Board. Read the blog post and watch the video here .

malta port

just kassi

>> Worked with<< has been a brand that has been always by my side and featuring them at my trip to Sout France and Monaco was a pleasure. See the look here.

just kassi cover

>> Working with Oxendales Ireland<<

For one more year, Oxendales Ireland chose to work with me for their romantic Valentine’s day shoot. See the blog post here

just kassi Valentines day

Apart from all the great moment of 2018 and all the collaborations, there were a few projects that I had to put aside at least for a while. One of the was “Koffee with Kassi.”

Koffee with Kassi kept going at the beginning of the year but then as I got busier with TV and Nuskin it died of but I am hoping to relive it in 2019. So if you have any guests to recommend I will be happy to hear your thoughts.

If you haven’t done so for yourself I advise that you take some time off from your busy schedules and look back. I am sure that you will find out that the 12 months that past gave you the energy, strength and a new perspective to carry on for the new year.

>>>> Hello 2019 <<<<<


There are a few things that I want to achieve in 2019 and these are to make my JKC T-Shirt a profitable healthy and viable business. I would love to see my T-shirt in some boutiques at the Greek islands and here in Dublin.


I want to get to know more about working on my beauty business to grow my team and help more people gain more money from by their home-based business.


I want to get involved in more social media and content creation project and get my work noticed.

BLOG is an ongoing project that makes my hear tick, so I want to give as much time as I can to it and keep my post coming every week.


Thank you all for reading!

What are the goals that you want to achieve in 2019?

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