Patmos Travel Guide – How to spend 7 Days in PATMOS – What to see, What to eat, Where to go

Patmos may not be the most popular island of Greece but it is one that you have to visit.  Part of the Dodecanese group of islands and located at the most eastern part of the Aegean Sea it is so worth visiting for many different reasons that we will talk about on this Travel guide so make sure to keep reading!

Patmos travel guide

The island of the Apocalypse

Patmos has been famous through the years for the significant part that it plays to Christianity and to the Greek Orthodox Church. It is known as the island for the Apocalypse and it the island that Christians choose to connect with God and pray. There are many churches on the island and monastery that add to the whole attraction. Many tourists visit the Holy Monastery and the Holy Cave.  The strong spiritual culture is prominent when you visit and this peaceful island will most likely make you want to reach to your more spiritual side as well. 

However, as the years have gone by the island has started to become an attraction for a more eclectic audience that wanted to avoid popular islands such as Mykonos and Paros looking for a more peaceful and relaxed time for their holidays away from paparazzi and parties. 

Tourists from Greece and Turkey with big yachts will stop over to Patmos to spend a few days there to enjoy the calmness and aristocratic air of this island.

Patmos skala church

{Exploring Skala}

Read more about what to see and do in Skala, Patmos here

How to get there

By Ferry Boat

The most popular way to get to Patmos is by boat from the port of Piraeus. Tickets can vary from 50 euros return but I would advise you to book a cabin as the trip can be from 8 to 12 hours depending on the boat you book. We booked a cabin on the way back to Athens as we were travelling during the night and I can assure it was the best 75 euros I spent as I got to reach Athens all refreshed.

By Airplane

There is no airport in Patmos so the best next thing you can do is to book a flight to Kos and then take the Ferry from Kos to Patmos. The journey is about 2 and half hours and you can find tickets for around 20 – 30 euros depending on the season and type of boat.

How many days to spent on the island

Considering that it is a long journey to get there, it can take about 2 days (Athens – Patmos return), I would recommend that you should stay for a week in Patmos to explore the island but also the surrounding islands like Lipsoi, Arkioi, Tiganakia and even Kalymnos and Kos. 


What to see in Patmos

There are many things to see in Patmos and whatever the period you go there will always be something for you to see and do.

Explore Patmos Chora

“Chora” which means capital is always located on the highest point of each island. Rumours have it that Patmos was one of the islands that used to be invaded a lot by pirates hundreds of years ago so people would live at the highest point of the island to be protected from the pirates. Patmos chora is very picturesque and it is worth exploring.

Chora patmos

Patmos chora

walking in chora patmos

{Walking in Chora}


The first thing that you have to explore are the beaches of the island. There are many beaches to explore and the good thing is that one is very different from the other so you will be spoiled with all the variety. First, you will have to explore the beaches close to the main port Skala like Agriolivadi, Kampos, Vagia, and then you can continue towards the east of the island towards Didimes, and Geranos.

Sun bed prices in Patmos vary from 10 – 13 euros for a set, so they can be a bit dear if you want to spend only a few hours to each place to go explore so it is better to have an umbrella to protect you from the harsh sun rays.

Some of the beaches you have to visit are Petra, Psili Ammos and Lampi


{Vagia Beach}

There is a number of organised beaches where you can have sun beds, with shade and drinks but there is also a number of beaches that are unorganised and you will have to carry your water bottles and food if you want to spend there a few hours.

παραλια διδυμες πατμος

{Didimes Beaches}

{Agriolivadi – Patmos}

{Sunset in Psili Ammos}

petra beach

{Petra Beach }

 Petra means Rock and it takes its name from the huge rock at the very end of the shore

ORGANISED BEACHES: Petra, Agriolivadi, Groikos, 

alikes{Livadi Geranou}


When it comes to sightseeing we will have to talk about the spiritual part of the island which even if you are not a Christian it is very interesting to go and explore for one day. I would advise you that you visit the Apocalypse the monastery and the windmills all in one day. Everything is so close to each other and 3-4 hours will be enough time for all these.

The Holy Cave of the Apocalypse

One of the sights that you have to check out is the holy cave of the Apocalypse where John the Evangelist wrote the holy book of the Apocalyspe. You will get to see where the rock was split in two when God spoke to John the Evangelist and also where he slept and prayed.

The Holy Monastery in Chora

The monastery was built in 1088 and it is one of the main attractions of the island. It is located in Chora and it is worth visiting.

μοναστηρι πατμος


monastery in Patmos

 Visit the windmills in Chora

visit patmos anemomuloi

Patmos anemoluloi

Since you will be in Patmos Chora to see the Monastery it is worth walking around and going to see the Windmills which have been recently renovated. The windmills are used by the Monastery to produce flour to make bread. If you want you can also purchase your own flour.

What to do in Patmos

groikosWater Sports in Kampos Beach

Apart from all the sightseeing, swimming and sunbathing, there are always ways to keep active on a summer holiday in Greece.

Patmos is the same as any other island and if you are into water sports then Kampos beach is the perfect place to go to try out windsurfing and SUP.

I am not a big fan of water sports so I had to go for the big pink Flamingo instead!

kampos beach

{Kampos Beach}

Trekking and hiking

If you are into trekking and hiking then you have to visit Psili Ammos beach. The only way to the beach is by the sea or by a footpath in the mountains leading to the beach.

Make sure you wear your trainers and get ready to walk for about 30 min or more to get the beach. The walk is not very difficult and on the way you will enjoy some beautiful views.

view from psili ammos

psili ammos patmos

{Views from our hike to Psili Ammos}

walk to psili ammos

{On your hike to Psili Ammos you pass by this beach but it is very difficult to go down there}


psili ammos view

{Psili Ammos Beach}

Patmos has a nightlife

Some may not know about Patmos nightlife as it is considered as a holy island and some things that there is no such thing as nightlife, but I can assure you that there is.

There are lot of bars that you can start of your night in Chora and you will be surprised of the number of people who will be out till very late and will the carry on their night in Skala. Don’t expect the wild party life of Mykonos, Paros or Antiparos but there are many places to have a drink and even dance. Patmos is full of surprises so be always up for that.

Day tours to the islands near of Patmos

The best way to explore the islands around Patmos is to book a day tour. There are many boats in Skala that offer different tours of the island and also take you to the smaller islands like Arkioi, Tiganakia, and Lipsoi. With about 25 euro per person, you can book a tour and visit some beautiful beaches and islands that you will not forget about.

The boat we took was “Elpida” meaning hope in Greek and it is the one on the right in the photo below.

boat tour

{our boat Elpida on the right taking us around the islands}

Αρκιοι - Πατμος

{Boats in the small port of Arkioi}

Tiganakia boat tour

{Tiganakia island – you can only go there by boat}

tiganakia patmos

{ The boat Elpida will take you there – Tiganakia}

blue waters

Where to eat

Vaggelis patmos

{Vaggelis Restaurant}

Skala would be one of the main places to explore for food and some of the restaurants I enjoyed was “Votris.” Also in Chora you will find some very traditional restaurants such as “To Mpalkoni” and “Vaggelis”.

Patmos was one of the islands that I would rate the overall food as good but not excellent, maybe we didn’t go to the right places as so many other people tried some amazing dishes. I am not really a foody but if you stick the restaurants I recomend above you will not be dissapointed.

If you have visited Patmos and you want to add to this travel guide, please leave your comments on the comments below or on my social media!

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