How to manage stress – Koffee with Kassi – Meet Miriam Kerins Hussey of the Awakening

Happy October!

With this new month, I want to make us a little bit more aware of all the triggers we allow in our everyday life to stress us. So this blog post is for all of you that want to make the most of your life and be the best version of your self.

A few months back I got the pleasure to take part at one of Miriam’s Breath and Be session held a the Union Cafe in Dublin.

It was a morning full of Yoga, Meditation and wellness that got me thinking that there is so much more in life than what we do every day.

If we take a few moments to breathe and be, then we will only realise our full potential.

We are creatures of habit so we better start building on all the good habits and start to manage our lives in such ways that we do not allow stress to overwhelm us.

After our morning Wellness session, Miriam took some time off to answer my question and give us some tips on how we can manage stress in our lives.

Watch the video below and keep notes.


Huge thanks to Union Cafe for hosting this interview 

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