Private Caldera View in Santorini San Antonio Hotel

It was this time last year that we were getting ready for our honeymoon and the best time ever in Santorini San Antonio Hotel. 

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It was a secret desire that the both of us had to experience the luxury that Santorini can offer and extend the Greek summer feeling a little bit longer, after our wedding. 

San Antonio Hotel seemed to be the right spot for us as it was one of the most private hotels of the island. 

Privacy was one of the main criteria for the hotel that we picked as we wanted to have a private view of the caldera without having to worry about people climbing over our room or in our balcony to see the view or the sunset.

This is something that you can easily get when you go to Santorini and especially in Oia so you need to be careful when booking. 

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San Antonio hotel santorini

If you have been to Santorini, you know how crowded it can get during the summer. About two million visitors arrive on the island each year, so you can imagine that the picturesque island that you see in the photos can become hectic and not so idyllic.

We were lucky enough to find San Antonio hotel near Imerovigli which can be as private as you want, offering not only the best views of the caldera but also the best sunset I have seen in Santorini.

There was not even a need to go to Oia to see the very famous sunset, as we could see it in peace and quiet of our own hotel.

This was something that I will never forget. 

Santorini views

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The hotel is located between Imerovigli and Oia and as it is built on a rock it is not easy to see how majestic it is from the main entrance.

Once you enter I am sure that the architecture and view will not disappoint you.

I would love to find out about any other hotels with a private view, so please leave a comment below and let me know.

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{Our private view from San Antonio Hotel}Santorini caldera views

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Photos by Antonis GK.



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