Is wearing long sleeves dresses in summer a good idea?

It has been 24 whole days since the last time I wrote on this blog! It feels so long if you consider that I was posting almost every day or every other day for the last few months, but in summer we all have to stop and enjoy the peace and quiet that the summer holidays offer.

Even if this was not the quietest holiday time of all, as I have been busy with a new project that you might have seen on my Instagram, I am grateful for the lovely time I had with friends and family and of course for visiting the beautiful island of Patmos. (A detailed travel guide will be live on the next few days so stay tuned as this is a place you need to visit in the future.)

But now let’s get stuck into our topic and the main question of the summer :

“Is long sleeves a good idea for summer or NOT ?”


If you love fashion and follow trends you might have noticed that long sleeves for summer is a thing and it has been so for the last few seasons.

We have seen so many fashion and style bloggers including myself opting in for long sleeves for summer, so I had to find out how comfortable this trend is for the hot summer months?

red dress in Patmos

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1. Long sleeves protect you from the sun

Wearing long sleeves in the summer is not really a bad idea if you consider the fact it is the best way to keep you protected from the sun. Especially in Greek islands where the sun is very harsh and you can feel the sun rays on your skin, longs sleeves can work as a great protection.

Try to go for light garments or with lace that will allow your skin to breathe as it can get very hot especially if you are at the hottest hours of the day.

red summer dress

2. Long sleeves can keep you warm at night

A long sleeve dress will come very useful to you especially at night time. When in the Greek islands we all know that it can get a little bit cooler at night time and we all tend to carry another layer of clothes with us. Wearing a long-sleeved dress though can cover this need of yours as it can keep you warmer on a cool breezy summer night.

visit Greece

3. Long sleeves can dress up a more casual look

You may not have thought about it, but long sleeves actually dress up a more casual look. For example, you can easily wear your denim shorts and by simply wearing a white long sleeved shirt and wedges you dress up your outfit.

If you go for light and sheer fabrics then you add a more luxury feel to your look even if you simply wear your every day shorts.

patmos chora

4. Long sleeves can protect you from mosquito bites

If you travel in summer destinations let’s be honest and talk about the unwanted mosquitos and insects that we would rather avoid “meeting” during our holidays. Mosquitos are very popular in Greece and long sleeves along with your mosquito repellant can work wonders especially at sunset time when it is most likely to get bitten.

Kassiani Cheirogeorgou

The above are four simple reasons that I picked and believe that long sleeves are nice to wear at summer time.

However, you have to keep in mind that if you are out during the hottest hours of the day the only thing that long sleeves can do is make you very hot.

Whatever you decide to go for, remember that these type of dresses and outfits are perfect for early autumn and for when the weather is getting a little bit cooler. I loved wearing my dress when we explored Hora of Patmos in the early morning and got to visit the monasteries.
just kassi blogger

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