Vlassis Holevas judging my look on the Fashion Blogger of the year show (VIDEO)

A look inspired by the Mediterranean and Sicilian women of the past.

blue dress and red details

During the last week of the  Fashion Blogger of the Year show, we had the pleasure to have Vlassis Holevas as one of the judges. For my readers outside of Greece, Vlassis Holevas is a very well known fashion designer known for his elegant and chic touch when creating women’s garment.

The concept of the day was different as we were all given the same polka dot shirt and we all had to create a look with this shirt.

blue red white

For my outfit, I got my inspiration from the beautiful women such as Monica Bellucci, Penelope CruizVana Barba, and so many other women that are the epitome of the Mediterranean and exotic beauty. The collections of  Dolce & Gabbana was also what influenced me.

cuban inspired look


fashion blogger of the year polka dot shirt

So having a mix of Sicily and Latin America in my mind I created this look that I got to pick and create in less than 10 minutes.


fashion blogger of the year polka dot shirt

{Dress by Paranoia Stores}

Based on the three very basic colours of red, blue and with the subtle white polka dot I created this look which you can find in Paranoia stores in Greece.

I was happy to see that our judge for the day Vlassis Holevas, understood my concept and said that what I was aiming for was translated through my outfit. 

fashion blogger of the year πουα πουκαμισο


Scroll down to see the full look and video from the show.

How to style a polka dot shirt inspired by Monica Belluci just kassi at fashion blogger of the year latin Αmerica inspired look salsa girl Salsa look πως να φορεσεις ενα πουα πουκαμισο

Hair by Kostas Avgerinos

Make up Sofia Poulou

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To σπικάζ μου

“Το πουα ειναι ενα μοτιβο που κυριαρχει στις πρασαρελες χρονια τωρα και δε φευγει απο τη μοδα ευκολα. Θα το βρουμε σε μεγαλα και μικρα μεγεθη και σε πολλά χρώματα.

Ενα μπλε πουκαμισακι με λευκο πουα ειναι το βασικό μας στοιχειο και με αυτο θα πρέπει να δημιουργησουμε ενα βραδυνο συνολο. Εμπνευσμένη απο τις μοιρεες και πιο μεσογειακες γυναικες του κινηματογραφου δημιουργω ένα συνολο απλό αλλά και παραλληλα  πολυ θυληκο αφηνοντας τα πιο ομορφα στοιχεια ενος γυναικειου κορμιου να κυριαρχησουν.

Το πουα πουκαμισο μου, επιλεγω να το συνδιάσω με ένα σκουρο μπλε φορεμα και με τον απολυτο συνδιασμο του κοκκινου στη τσαντα και τα παπουτσια μου.”


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