When Lakis Gavalas judged my outfit at the Fashion Blogger of the year show – VIDEO

All of you loyal friends that have been following and reading my blog for a while and keeping up with all the fun moments that this journey has brought,  you would have seen that on the last week of the Fashion Blogger of the year show, we had some big names judging us and commenting on our looks.

One of the iconic judges was the very famous and very fashionable designer Lakis Gavalas.

It was amazing to meet him and to get to hear his opinion on what he thought of the two outfits that I presented to him. See the first look here

just kassi wearing helmi

He was strict as I had imagined but very kind and thoughtful of the fact that we only had 10 minutes to pick an outfit and style our looks.


The look that we had to create was quite odd but still something that someone could face in their everyday life. We were asked to create a look if we were to give private tutoring classes to a university student, bearing in mind that we were a PhD student.

just kassi in pisina marina zeas

For this look, we visited Helmi Stores and I was lucky enough to find many pieces that would work well for what I had in mind.

With my look, I was looking to achieve an elegant, chic but also authoritative look that every young teacher should have.

just kassi fashion blog

A black top that would be easy to wear and wouldn’t distract my potential student for what was being taught, matched with fun trousers that would still showcase the fact that I am young PhD student of Economics, as I mentioned in the show.


sophisticated animal print

Lakis Gavalas liked the look and thought that I had achieved what I had in mind. This was a huge relief and I was glad to see that such a high profiled designer thought that what I went for was suited for the theme.

marina zeas shoot

Scroll below to watch the video from the show and see the outfit.

just kassi style blog


just kassi blogger

{Full outfit by HELMI STORES}

how to style colourful leopard helmi fashion fashion blogger of the year fashion blogger of the year epsilon tv

just kassi and lakis gavalas

{Me and Lakis Gavalas}

Hair by Kostas Avgerinos

Photos by Katerina Skoulatou 

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Το σπικάζ μου

Ολοι μας έχουμε περάσει απο παρόμοιες καταστάσεις που μας ήθελαν να διαβάζουμε και κάνουμε ιδιαίτερα για το πανεπιστήμειο και την εξεταστική.

Η βοηθεια των ιδιατερων μαθηματων ειναι πολυ συμαντικη και εγώ ως καθηγητρια οικονομικών το μονο που θελω να με απασχολει στα μαθηματα μου ειναι η προοδος των φοιτητων μου. Με δυο μετατπυχιακα και διδακτορικα στη πλατη μου ξερω ακριβως το αγχος και την αγωνια τους για τα μαθηματα.

Το ντύσημο μου θα αποπνεει σιγουρια, κυρος και εμπιστοσυνη. Θα φορεσω μια παντελονα με ενα πιο εντονο μοτιβο και θα τη συνδιασω με ενα μαυρο τοπ. Τα αξεσουρ μου θα ειναι λιτα για να μην αποσπουν τη προσοχη του φοιτητη. Τα μαυρα πεδιλα μου και η μεγαλη και ιδιατερη τσαντα μου χωραει τα βιβλια και τις φωτοτυπιες και θα ολοκληρωσουν το λουκ της καθηγητριας.

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