Boho beach ware – Fashion Blogger of the year – VIDEO

Think of summer days and summer nights.

Think of summer sunsets, think of careless days and careless moments.

This is what a boho look makes me think of. One of the most relaxed and easy to style and wear looks for the summer is boho.

Long and short kaftans or kaftan dresses lot’s of jewellery and accessories with pom- pom or tassels is what you should aim for to achieve a boho-inspired summer look for the beach.

boho beachware by helmi

In the Fashion Blogger of the Year Show, we were asked to create a boho beachwear look. For this mission of ours, we were lucky enough to have Helmi stores as the chosen shop for the day.

The big collection of kaftans, swimsuits and especially jewellery, which is the main and most important part for a boho-inspired look was key and helped all of us achieve a look of our choice.  boho for the beach details

In the 10 minutes, I was given to pick my outfit I went for an easy to wear long grey-blue kaftan which I decided to wear back – to – front as I wanted to emphasize an open back to give space in the front for my boho inspired accessories.

One of the parts that will finish off such a look is your hair and styling it in an easy flowy way, which I found to be in a scarf that I wrapped around and let it flow in the air.

boho shoes


fashion blogger of the year boho style


helmi boho sandals helmi stores boho style

{Full outfit by Helmi Stores}just kassi boho beachware helmi

Scroll down to watch the VIDEO from the showjust kassi fashion blogger of the year kaftan dress for the beach my boho style for the fashion blogger of the year show

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To σπικάζ μου 

“To boho είναι ένα στυλ που αγαπάμε και δε φευγει εύκολα απο τη μόδα και είναι τοσο ευκολοφόρετο που μπορεί να φορεθεί ακόμα και για τη παραλία.

Σκεφτειτε, καλοκαιρινες βραδιες να περπατατε στην αμμουδια και να απολαμβανεται το καλοκαιρινο ουρανο διπλα σε μια αναμενη φωτια. Αυτη η πιο ανεμελη και πιο ελευθερη διαθεση χαρακτηριζει το boho.

Κρόσια, κεντηματα, διαφανιες, φτερά, πλεξουδες, δερματινες λετπομεριες ειναι καταξοχήν το boho styl που αγαπάμε να φοραμε για τη παραλια.

Ενα μακρλυ καφτάνι / φόρεμα σε παλ γρκι αποχρωσεις με boho αξεσουαρ θα ειναι το σημερινο μου συνολο που με μεταφέρει σε βραδιές στο Bali να γιορταζουμε την αλλαγή χρονιας κατω απο τη λαμψη των βεγγαλικών.”

Hair Kostas Avgerinos

Photo Katerina Skoulatou


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