How to mix and match two different patterns – Fashion Blogger of the year – VIDEO

I will have to admit it if it wasn’t for the Fashion Blogger of the year show, I would have never dared to mix prints and move out of my comfort zone when it came to style.

Even though I have been writing about fashion and style and getting inspired by so many bloggers and style icons,  I found out that I was shoehorning myself into a certain style that was comfortable but mundane.

The same jeans, the same coats and the same tops that of course were nice and suited me but didn’t push me out of my own comfort zone.

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{Full outfit by Positivo}

Through the TV show, I saw my style changing I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and somehow I found out that mix and match is a thing that comes so naturally to me.

I found out that I have the eye to pick prints that work well together, and this is not only coming from my mouth. All the judges were amazed and surprised at how I can make patterns work.

fashion blogger Kassi

For the second day of the show, we were asked to mix two different patterns together and create a look that would be suited for going out.

The shop for the day was Positivo located in Marousi, north Athens and we were only given 7 minutes to work on our looks. Luckily enough I picked just the right prints. I love matching stripes and florals. This combination is not easy but the colours you pick will do all the work for you. Try to go for same coloured tones to keep it consistent in the eye.

This look is made out of 3 pieces a dress that I turned into a skirt a white top and a kimono. My modern Karagkouna look  (traditional Greek outfit for women) won high scores and I was so surprised when some of the other bloggers didn’t actually like it.  It seems that with some of these girls we are styles.. apart 😉 This goes to show that style is totally personal and is not easy to be judged on your style.

So here are my three tips so you can mix and match your prints this summer:

1. Choose prints with colours that complement each other

2. Try to use big print with small prints as small prints seen from a distance can seem as one colour

3. White is a good colour to balance off the look so try to encorporate it if you don’t feel very adventurous.

   fashion blogger of the year E TV


mix and match patterns mix & match prints justkassi


Scroll below to see the look and watch the video from the show!

πως να συνδιασετε δυο διαφορετικα μοτιβα mix and match positivo mix and match prints by kassi

Watch the seond look of the day below:

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Το σπικάζ μου

“Τη μίξη διαφορετικων μοτιβων και χρωμάτων τη βλεπουμε παντου γυρω μας.  Απο ιδεες διακοσμισης εσωτερικών χώρων μεχρι και στη μόδα. Αυτή η τάση βοηθα τις πιο τολμηρές γυναικες να εξωτερικευσουν πιο ευκολα τη προσωπικότητα τους μέσα απο τα ρουχα τους.

Για να συνδιαστει ομορφα και αρμονικά ενα τετοιο συνολο πρεπει να προσέξουμε το μεγεθος των μοτίβων καθως και το χρώμα που θα επιλεξουμε.

Για σημερα επελεξα ένα κιμονο σε παλ ριγε ροζ και μπλε αποχρώσεις και το συνδιασα με ενα φλοράλ φορεμα με βαση το dusty pink και το φορεσα ως φουστα. Τη φασαρία του συνολου μου ηρεμησε ένα λευκό μπλουζάκι καθως και το nude χρωμα στα παπουτσια και τσαντα μου που θα δεσει το σύνολο.”

Hair by Eleutheria Kirkagatsi

Make up by Klimentini Papadimitriou

Photos by Katerina Skoulatou

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