How to mix and match gingham with floral patterns – Fashion Blogger of the Year – VIDEO

The final week of the Fashion Blogger of the year show was full of fun and a lot of work! It started on July 2nd and the final day was July 6th.

It was the toughest week of the show as it required so much time to prepare. The rules for the last final week had changed and now we had to find shops that would work with us and let us film the process of creating a look.

There was a catch to all of this though, as we only had 10 minutes to create our look! Yes, 10 minutes!

oh and there was another catch… We were only given the theme of every look just outside the shop’s doorstep, so we had to be creative, quick and we would have to hope that the clothes would fit us!

fashion blogger athens

{outfit by Icon Clothing Athens} 

Another thing that had to be considered was what if the store didn’t have the right clothes to cover the theme requested. This was the problem with the first store we attend Icon Clothing in Athens city centre.

The ask was to create a look mixing gingham and floral, and the store had only one gingham shirt and one gingham dress, however, there were many floral options which made our job a little easier.

fashion blogger of the year epsilon tv

The gingham piece that I picked up was a shirt dress that I styled in a clever way as nice halter neck summer dress. The only thing I had to do was to fold the top part and then wrap the sleeves around my neck.

The floral bomber jacket was what really finished up my look as well as my red details in my accessories, bag and shoes.


fashion blogger of the year

On the day we were judged by the very famous Greek Fashion Designer Nikos Apostolopoulos who absolutely loved my look and he said that I reminded him of a muse of Almodovar.

Scroll down to watch the show below to see the full look

gingham with floral


just kassi fashion blog


mix and match gingham and floral

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To σπικάζ μου στην εκπομπή

Καρό και φλοράλ. Δύο μοτιβα που δε θα δουμε συχνά να φοριουνται μαζι. Τα έντονα σχεδιά τους αποτρέπουν τις γυναίκες να τα συνδιάσουν, κάνοντας ολες μας να καταφεύγουμε στην ευκολη και ασφαλη λυση του συνδιασμου τους με ένα μονοχρωμο ρουχο.

Ενας συνδιασμος καρο με φλοράλ μπορει να φανει επικυνδυνος και αυτο που θα πρεπει να προσεξουμε ειναι τα χρώματα καθώς και το μέγεθος των σχεδιων που θα συνδιάσουμε.

Για σημερα επιλέγω ένα καρό πουκαμισο φορεμα που έχει και τα δυο σχεδια στο μοτίβο του και με ένα διαφορετικό δέσιμο το μετατρέπω σε ένα καλοκαιρινό εξωπλατο φορεμα. Το φλοράλ bomber μου που θα ριξω στους ωμους καθως και τα κοκκινα πεδιλα και τσάντα  μου θα ολοκληρωσουν το συνολο μου.

Hair by Eleutheria Kirkagatsi

Make up by Sofia Poulou

Photos by Katerina Skoulatou

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