How to style your look in 10 minutes to meet the man you fancy – Fashion Blogger of the year – VIDEO

For my 19th look at the Fashion Blogger of the year show on Epsilon TV, we were asked to create a look in less than 10 minutes.

The reason why? Well, the concept goes like this, and I am sure it has happened to all of us.

We have all been at home and we get a phone call from a friend saying that the guy we fancy is at the cafe or bar where our friends are and he is at the next table.

What would you do in this case? Well, you rush off and get ready to make sure that you will not miss the guy you like. Not only you have to rush but you have to make sure you are pretty and you will make his head turn.

In my voice over I explained that in my situation I was just in the door from work so all I had to do was change my jacket and shoes and wear my summer wedges and rush off to meet him.

Scroll below to see the look and watch the video from the show

black and white look

{White skinny jeans by}


{Purse by Littlewoods Ireland}

fashion blogger of the year look


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Watch the video below:

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Νομίζω οτι σε όλες μας έχει συμβεί το παρακάτω:

“Εχεις μόλις μπει από τη δουλειά και οι φίλες σου που έχουνε πάει για καφέ σε παίρνουν τηλέφωνο ότι αυτός που σου αρέσει είναι στη διπλανή τους παρέα, και σου λένε έλα γρήγορα!

Το μόνο που προλαβαίνω να κάνω είναι να βγάλω το σακάκι της δουλειάς, να ρίξω απο πάνω μου μια εντυπωσιακή πουκαμίσα να αλλάξω τις γόβες μου σε πλατφόρμες και φυσικά να βάλω ένα κόκκινο κραγιόν που πάντα τραβάει τα βλέματα.

Το λευκό μου τζιν παντελόνι και το λευκό μου μπλουζάκι ειναι ο κατάλληλος καμβάς για την ασπρόμαυρη πουκαμίσα μου, που ελπιζω να ανεμίσει οπως θα μπω και να τον κάνει να με κοιτάξει.

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