What to wear as wedding guest to your ex-boyfriend’s wedding – Fashion Blogger of the year – VIDEO

For our 16th look for the Fashion Blogger of the Year Show, we were asked to create a look that we would style for our ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

Let me set this straight to start with, I would never attend an ex-boyfriends wedding for the simple reason that he is an ex.

However, in this case, we were asked to do so due to the fact that the ex-boyfriend was a friend of the family and I would have to attend as well.

Even in this case, I would still not attend for the simple reason that he is an ex.

Now that I have set the picture, below I am only showing you a look that you can wear to any wedding, I actually wore it to a wedding a few years back in Greece and I loved the combo as it was not a dress that all women tend to go for.

The top is from Zara and the skirt if from Coco Boutique in Dublin.

Scroll down to see the look and the video from the show

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Make up by Kimentini Papadimitriou

Hair by Konstantinos Avgerinos 

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Το σπικάζ μου:

“Αν και δε προκειται ποτέ να πηγαινα σε γάμο πρωην μου, ο γάμος του Νικολάκη του πρώτου μου εφηβικού έρωτα είναι ένας γάμος που δε θα μπορούσα να χάσω. Οχι μονο περνουσαμε τα καλοκαίρια μαζι αλλά και οι γονεις μας έγιναν πολυ καλοι φίλοι μιας και τα εξοχικά μας ήταν διπλά διπλα.

Για το γάμο του Νικου και της Χρυσάνθης θα παρευρεθώ με τον συζηγό μου και θα φορέσω την αγαπημένη μου δαντελένια πένσιλ μαυρη φουστα και ενα κίτρινο τιραντέ και ξώπλατο μπλουζάκι. Ο συνδιασμος κίτρινου – μαύρου ειναι ο αγαπημενος μου  και μαζί με τα ασπρόμαυρα πέδιλα μου και την μαύρη clutch τσάντα μου είμαστε έτοιμοι να τους παντρέψουμε.”



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