My Boho look for going out – Fashion Blogger of the year – VIDEO

Who said that 13 is not a lucky number?

For our 13th look for the Fashion blogger of the year look, we were asked to create a boho-chic look to attend a wedding.

Even if people think that 13 is not a lucky number I actually won the Gold star with this appearance. Boho is a look that I absolutely love but I don’t get to wear a lot as the weather in Dublin doesn’t help as I always tend to go for warm trousers and comfy jumpers.  In my eyes, Boho is more flowy and airy and I prefer this look more for summer.

For this appearance, we were asked to create a look that would be appropriate to attend a wedding. I chose to wear a short boho style dressed by Deppy’s Closet and I paired with a scarf from the same store. The secret to achieving the perfect boho look was all down to the accessories, rings and necklaces that I wore.

For the make up we went for smokey eyes and soft lips and the hair was platted in a relaxed boho style.

 See the look below and the video from the show.

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Hair by Eleutheria Kirkagatsi

Make up by Sofia Poulou

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Bohο ή αλιώς bohemian, δεν ειναι απλά ενα στυλ, είναι στάση ζωής που φημολογείται οτι ξεκινησε δεκαετίες πριν και οτι αντιπροσωπευει πιο εναλακτικους ανθρώπους με μια πιο καλητεχνικη τάση και με φιλοσοφία ζώης μακριά από τα υλικα αγαθα.

Το Boho και boho chic στη μοδα ειναι μια ταση των τελευταίων ετών που μπορει να  επιτευχθει με διαφορους τρόπους μιας και δεν υπάρχει ενα συγκρκριμενο στυλ. Boho ειναι πιο πολυ αισθηση και διαθεση.

Φυσικά ομως το στυλ αυτο ειναι πλεον κομάτι των πιο επισημων επιλογων μας, μιας και το εχουμε δει να φοριεται σε πολλα events στο χολυγουντ  οπως και σε γαμους.

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