My debut on Greek TV – “Fashion Blogger of the year”

It all happened last week, and the decision was taken in a day.

{My jacket is Vintage and it was bough in New York from La Vie see it here too}

I was at home working away on my laptop and an Instagram message from an unknown sender came through.

The message was reading like this:

“We like your style and we would be interested in working with you for our TV show, let’s have a call”

My thoughts:

“This must be a scam or a joke, these things don’t happen to ordinary people like me and you, someone is playing with me.”

So I left the phone on the side and I carried on working.

A few minutes later I looked back at the message and I started researching on the authenticity of the sender.

To my surprise, it was authentic and genuine. I replied back and an hour later I was on the phone with the producer discussing how soon I could be in Athens, Greece to take part in their new show called Fashion Blogger of the year. 

Fast forward a week later I see myself boarding a plane with three big suitcases carrying most of my belongings and flying to reach an amazing opportunity that came my way.

I was going to be on live TV doing what I love the most!

Styling, talking about fashion and giving my advice to the audience I love the most, women.

{Shoes by Littlewoods Ireland – Shop them here}

This morning was my debut on Greek TV!

Watch the video below:

After 1.30-hour drive on the busy streets of Athens, I reached the studio and entered the world of live TV and Epsilon Channel.  

I saw people running around and I was greeted by the producers who showed me my dressing room and advised me to take my turn for hair and makeup.

{Mom jeans by New Look  see them also here and here}

The hours run by very quick and the time of my time to shine was approaching. My nerves were mixed with my excitement and I although I messed up my walk I managed to not fall off my heels.

Despite my pounding heart, I presented my look and the theme of the day was “How to dress a vintage piece to a modern look”.

I was so happy to receive positive feedback and I got the highest score for the day!

My few minutes of fame finished so quick and I was so nervous that I was not sure if what I was living was real or a dream.

My first day on TV ended on a high and by feeling very grateful for what the universe brought to me.

Tomorrow will be a new day and I will get to live this all over again! So wish me luck in this new and exciting experience of mine and I will promise not to let you down.

From my heart thank you for all your support and your kind messages!


Huge thanks to Epsilon TV for this amazing opportunity

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