Before – After: My four layer Signature Facelift peel experience (video)

All you need to know for your first chemical peel

You might find it strange but I am very scared when it comes to doing any more invasive treatments to my face than putting on a face mask. Although, I have a huge interest in anti-ageing and in getting to know as much as I can about keeping a youthful look and looking younger I have never done anything invasive and I am always very aware of what I am putting to my face.

It was only from last year that I started prepping my skin for my wedding that I started to explore other treatments that were not just a facial. Read about my RF treatment here and my DermaPen treatment here. 

Today I will be talking to you about my experience on the Four Layer Signature Face Lift Peel that I did a few weeks back at Therapie Clinic. My therapist Ciara, who also looked after me on my DermaPen treatment has answered all my questions and you can listen to our Q&A on the video below.

The peel has four layers which help rejuvenate and give a youthful look to your skin

Layer 1: Signature Peel, 

Layer 2: Resurfacing Mask

Layer 3: Signature Peel,

Layer 4: Vital C enzyme mask

So here are my thoughts in a few words on the Peel:


It only lasts 30 minutes and it is a quick treatment which you can have before or after work or during your lunchtime.

Dοwn Time:

There is no downtime so you can get on with your day as normal. However it is advised to not wear makeup after the peel, but if you need to you can simply use mineral make up.

My overall experience

It is a very pleasant treatment and it is not painful at all, the only thing you feel is a hot or cold sensation when the chemical peel works on the skin, and this last only for 2 minutes. You can easily relax while having it and the end result is so impressive.

Results after the peel

After the peel, my skin was feeling very fresh, rejuvenated and plump. The small fine lines near the eye areas were gone and I would highly recommend it. You can watch it all on the video here.


The Signature Facelift Peel costs 100 euros so it is a treatment that you might consider when you have a special event to attend to.

You can do it every month if you need to and Therapie Clinic offers a 3 for 2 deal for those that want to invest a little bit more to it.

 Watch the video below to see my skin before the peel and after



I want to thank Therapie Clinic for the beautiful complementary treatment I had.  Thank you!!


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