What to see and do for three days in Boston – Travel Guide

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you are probably aware of my secret love for the USA. It has been the first country I visited outside of Europe and for this reason, I have a sweet spot for the States even if I have only visited New York and Miami.

In September, straight after our wedding, we got the opportunity to travel to Boston for work combing work with pleasure ticking this place off my list. The truth is that Boston was always on my list of places to visit and I am so happy that I got to take a taste of the city with the most history of all US cities.

The conference I was attending I only allowed me three days of sighting seeing which I think were enough to get a quick but good feel for the place. So below you will find all the things I recommend to see and do when visiting Boston.

When to visit?

As you probably know Boston has 4 seasons and you can truly experience a very cold winter and a quite hot summer. We visited Boston in early September which was a perfect time as we avoided the very hot summer and the weather was just right to enjoy long walks and sightseeing. Winters are very heavy in Boston and it snows almost every winter so I would advise avoiding winter as you will not make the most out of the city.

How to get there?

We travelled with Aerlingus and the flight from Dublin to Boston Logan was about 6 hours which is relatively short for an over Atlantic flight. There are many airlines flying into Boston and you can check a few good deals here if you book in advance.


Although this is a three-day travel guide during our overall stay in Boston which was about a week we changed location twice and accommodation three times getting to know the city better.

Airbnb vs Hotel

Airbnb is always my preferred accommodation only because I get to see how the locals live, and it is a true representation of how life would be if I lived in that place. We changed two Airbnb’s and both were so different. One was in the Cambridge area and the second one was near Beacon Hill. Seeing how different the houses can be between these two areas added to my whole experience in Boston. Our third accommodation was a very beautiful hotel room in the hotel in Cambridge, which had everything someone would need for a hotel room.

Where to stay?

When you visit Boston you will realise that this city is so diverse and each neighbourhood has its own unique architecture. Cambridge will remind you of South America, Beacon Hill will remind you of New England and the Back Bay are will astonish you with the beautiful skyline. Boston is known for its strong history and the culture that all the European immigrants brought to the city then arriving. Irish, Italians, Greeks, they all made this city their home and gave it a multicultural feel that it has today. During our stay, we stayed in beautiful Cambridge and Beacon Hill. Both areas are very close to the city centre and are worth exploring.

What to do?

Walk the Freedom Trail

Every single travel guide will tell you that the first thing to do is walk the Freedom Trail. It is actually the best way to explore Boston and get to find as much as you can about the city. It’s 4 km walk that is very enjoyable and includes about 16 locations that will make you more familiar with the city and its history. It’s a free activity and you should allow about a half a day for this. The Freedom trail starts from Boston Common and ends at the .S.S. Constitution and Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown.

To make sure that you are not lost you can follow the trails on the street and whenever there is a big sign like the below you will know that there is a sight for you to see.

{stop in each of these signs engraved to the ground to check out what the next adventure to see will be}

{The start of the Freedom trail – Boston Common}

{Boston Common}

{sights part of the Boston Trail}

Go shopping in Newbury street

Newbury street is the most popular street in Boston and you will surely spend some time walking on this street and doing some shopping in all the small boutiques.

Eat local food and seafood

When researching for your trip you will find out that seafood is very big in Boston.Oysters, crab and so many more delicacies will have you wanting more.  If you are not a big seafood fan I guarantee you that you will not be hungry as there are so many options!

The Barking Crab is one of the most popular locations and it is something that you have to try.

During our visit, we also visited a few restaurants in the back bay area and of course, I had to have some oysters!

Visit the most famous Universities 

One of the reasons that Boston is so popular is, of course, the two very famous Universities that share the grounds of this fabulous city. When you are there make sure to spend some time in Harvard yard and visit MIT which is only half an hour walk from Harvard. So many movies have been shot in both universities and you never know you might get some wisdom walking on these grounds.

Harvard University 

{Harvard Yard}

You would be very familiar with the sororities from the American College movies and it made the whole idea very real when we saw the signs of each sorority near Harvard University.

MIT University 

{MIT backyard  by Charles River}

The Ray and Maria Strata Centre

It is part of MIT and what is particularly interesting is the architecture of the building, make sure to walk by and take some photos.


( very impressive architecture worth to see }

Quincy Market

Quincy Market is part of the Freedom Trail so if you do decide to take this route you will not miss it. It is most likely that lots of streets artist will be performing and you will be surely entertained. 

What to see

River Charles

The river Charles divides the city into different parts and the views are breathtaking. Enjoy a long walk or even run by the river.

The local neighbourhoods

Take some time and explore different neighbourhoods like, Cambridge, Back Bay area, Somerville, and see how the locals live, enjoy the beautiful architecture that changes from one area to the next and photographs the beautiful houses that you will see. Some of them date more than 100 years old.



{Houses near the Charlstown}

Boston skyline 

Boston is known for its very beautiful skyline and the number of high buildings you will see when landing with your plane will remind you that this city has many things to offer.

Boston Tea Party 

Visit the area near to the Bostn Tea party and find out about the history of it before you visit here.

{Boston Tea Party}

Happy Travelling!

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