Strolling in Boston

Boston has been one of the USA cities that I have been wanting to visit for a while now. I had desperately tried to go last May, but this never happened as I never managed to get on the plane (but let’s not go into this unfortunate story for now).

My May plans may not have worked out but I managed to visit Boston in September straight after our honeymoon. We stayed there for a week combining work with pleasure and I realised that Boston is a very beautiful city to live and study and only a few hours away from my favourite New York City. There are so many things to do and see there and I will be sharing all the must-dos in my upcoming travel guide, so keep an eye on this space as there is more coming.

Boston is such a unique place with lots of history and a very distinctive architecture which changes from place to place. As you can imagine I had to use this city as a backdrop for a quick style shoot was a must. This little shoot took place near the South Station of Boston near summer street and very close to the Farmers Market. The buildings and the architecture are so unique and it was the perfect location for my shoot.

The weather in September was very temperamental switching from warm to cold but somehow I managed to get a few shots while the sun was out.  I hope you enjoy the style and photos.

My lovely skirt which you have also seen here is by Mango and the top is by an Irish online shop

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{South Station – Boston}

{Skirt by Mango}

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Photos by my amazing Instagram husband Antonis Gk.

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