Micro needling, my first Derma Pen experience (VIDEO)

It is amazing what you get to do to stay youthful looking especially when you pass the age of 32! I have always been very interested in anything that has to do with beauty, anti ageing and looking plump and young. My research and talking to friends and of course Therapie Clinic led me to try the very popular treatment of micro needling.

Even if it sounds extremely scary, and the thought of having my face pierced with microneedles was not appealing to me, I decided to give it a try and have my own view on this matter. As they say, it is better to try something yourself and see how things work with your own eyes.

The different reviews about micro needling, and seeing people bleeding while having the treatment, intrigued me and made me want to try it even more, so I booked an appointment in Therapie Clinic in Dublin city centre. I was told that it is not a painful procedure and that I would see some results from the first treatment. So I gathered my nerves and went to my appointment.

You can see how it went in the video below:

My thoughts:


It is not a painful procedure. You are numbed before the treatment so it is not painful, however, you do hear the sound of the Derma Pen which might remind you of the dentist. Although it was not painful, it was not a pleasant treatment, meaning that it is not relaxing and it is nothing compared to having a massage, which makes sense as there are needles involved.


In my case, my face responded well to the treatment and I had very little redness, which died down the second day. However, there are cases where people’s skin reacted differently meaning that they were a little bit red for 3 days. I would advise doing the treatment at a period where you can stay home if you do get red, and you don’t have to attend any events, parties or big business meetings. It is advised to avoid make up for at least three days so you can let your face heal and peel off.


As I only had one session I didn’t get to see the full benefits of Micro needling, but I did see my face being very fresh and glowing and I had people commenting on my Insta stories about my skin’s glow. I think I would go back for the full session to see the huge benefits of this treatment


One micro needling session costs 200 euros in Therapie Clinic and the 6 sessions cost 850 euros. If you want to find more about these treatments on  TherapieClinic.ie

I would like to thank Therapie Clinic for looking after me and Ciara for being so kind to answer to all my questions.

*This is not a sponsored post*

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