My six tips to always feel young at heart

On Tuesday I turned another year older….. or should I say another year younger?…

When we get older and especially when we pass our mid-thirties we start to become more aware of time and we want to spend more quality time doing the things that please us the most without wasting our days. Being more selective and being more aware of the people we allow in our lives it doesn’t make us old it makes us respect more our lives and ourselves.

People tend to call me a young soul and as I am not sure what it really means and without knowing if it is good or bad, I decided to take it in a positive way and interpret it as someone who is driven, does not settle, is always in the lookout for the next best opportunity but may not be very mature at times and could possibly lose focus as the opportunities arise. If this is the definition of a young soul then I think I am one of them. Being a young soul in my own head, and living by these attributes I feel that I will always stay young at heart pushing the drawbacks of getting older.

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But how can you stay young at heart longer pushing away the feeling of getting old?

My following tips that come from personal experience and from a bit of research will come to use especially when you need it the most and if you start to feel that life is getting too serious.

Stay active and healthy

It might be a cliche but it is the best advice anyone could give you. Staying active, exercising in whatever way makes you feel good and looking after your health physically and mentally is the best way to stay looking and feeling young.

 Travel to new destinations

Make it your priority to travel to one new destination every year. Discovering the world, seeing how other people live life and experience new cultures is the best way to stay young. Never let your life to be flat and boring, travels always bring excitement and will give you stories to tell when you become very old that you can barely move!

Take up new hobbies

If we all tried to do something new every so often we would all be happier. Happy people means young feeling people. I may be guilty here as I haven’t taken any new hobbies as yet but I am really looking forward to trying a few new things in the new year. One thing to stay young is to always be up for something new even if it is something simple, from learning how to put together a nice bouquet to learning how to climb.

Challenge yourself

Time is ticking and will never come back. Don’t be afraid to push yourself out of your comfort zone and don’t be looking for excuses postponing the things you have been meant to do. Taking new challenges and being at the edge of your seat is good to keep you thinking and keep your mind busy and excited.

Young souls

Don’t settle

Don’t ever settle, don’t ever say that you are good enough or that you have reached your goals. Set more goal and try to achieve them once more. The feeling of working hard towards something you want keeps you motivated and helps you stay young.

Never say you are old

Last, never say you are old, you will never feel old unless you start accepting it. You are only allowed to say that you are old when you reach 80!

So now let’s get into action and start making this time of your life the best you will ever have!

Photos by Antonios G

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