My four tips to help you fight the January blues

The first week of January is officially over and we are finally back to our Emerald Isle. Our three weeks in Greece were amazing but they were enough to make it even harder to get back to our daily routines. Every day seems hard and getting off the holiday mode to work mode and planning mode seems hard. Even if you have been one of the people that have been working for a week now I am sure that you are still finding your feet with 2018.

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I spend the past few days planning, scheduling and setting goals stressing me out even more and making me question of all the things that I want to achieve this year.  Every coffee sip meant another plan for the year, the week, the day making my mornings hard. If you took part in my Instagram Poll you would have seen that it was not just me that felt this way. Many of you were also scared of what the new year would bring so at least I was not alone. Hopefully, we will all be more motivated to get back into the swing of things as the days go by and as the weather gets better. Aviator jacket by Pretty Little things

Maybe I feel that little bit stressed as I may have become a victim of the so-called January Blues, and if this was the reason why, then I had to research and find the best cure for this.

My little research and personal experience made me realise that the below are the main things that will change our mood and make us happy. So here are my simple steps to getting back your sanity this cold January.


As common as it may sound, exercise is the cure for every time we are feeling down. The natural release of endorphins while we exercise lifts our moods and makes us feel better.

2. Eat better

Don’t get strict with yourselves for gaining extra weight over the holidays. Everyone is a little bit rounder and juicier after the holidays, we all allowed ourselves to indulge in the home cooked food, and in the delicious homemade desserts. It was our choice and our body needed it, let’s acknowledge it and let’s get back to our routine of eating better without complaints.

3. No need for resolutions

I am sure that at some point you felt a little bit obliged to share your new year’s resolutions over the internet and say what you will be achieving this year. Making all these big statements on the internet can be stressful on its own. This year I decided to not make any of my resolutions public and instead I decided to focus on planning towards the goals that I have every year.

4. Book a holiday

The majority of us get a little bit down because we have nothing to look forward to. All the good times of the holidays are now in the past and all we are left are the memories and the extra kilos. January is a good month to book a holiday and have something to look forward to. Do your research and book a short holiday so you have something to look forward to and I am sure that your mood will get high.


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