A Christmas festive look for a casual rock chic girl – Feat. V by Very, Littlewoods Ireland

It’s Christmas time and even if you are not a big Christmas fan you will start to get all excited, as the holidays approach. I am mostly excited because I will get to spend Christmas with my family in Greece after a very long time. I have always been away for Christmas which was great, but I have missed the homemade cooked food and sitting around a table eating and catching up with my family and meeting old friends for drinks in the local bars. 

Littlewoods Ireland look

This Christmas will be different as it will be our first Christmas with our families as a married couple and I am looking forward to it. Although what I am not looking forward is packing! Even though I travel a lot and I should have mastered the art of packing by now, I never look forward to it as I don’t particularly enjoy it. You probably know that I absolutely love clothes and fashion and anything that has to do with it so the easy solution for me when I pack is to bring everything with me in case I need it. But you know that it doesn’t work this way.

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Christmas casual outfit

I am sure that this is not just me and that many women think the same, but at least through the years, I have managed to have a few statement pieces that are easy to wear and very versatile so I can wear them from day to night and combine them with many pieces. 

Red beanie

For this blog post, I partnered up with Littlewoods Ireland to show you exactly that. A versatile and easy to wear look that can take you from day to night with a more festive rock touch but always keeping the casual – chic element that characterises my style. 

The V by Very Collection By Littlewoods Ireland has some great Christmas outfit solution from very formal dresses to every day casual outfits for every girl. See more here

Street Style Dublin

{You see me jumping as I was absolutely freezing when we were working on the shoot!}

Total Black with a hint of redtotal black look

Black and red is always the best combination for Christmas. So whichever parties you attend this Christmas you will see more people wearing black and red than any other season,  and they are allowed to because not only these are two complementary colours but this is the best time of the year for it. 

For my look, I decided to do it a little different and to keep my red element to the minimum and jazz it up with a red beanie with lots of sparkles and red lipstick. A shiny velvet top with cute details on the sleeves and a rock black denim jacket with stars gives a different feel to my look but keeps it very festive.

If you want to dress up this look for a more dressy occasion you could easily add some sexy red heels to make it more dressy for the night like the ones you see here but if you want to keep it more casual then the black suede boots are always a safe choice that will also keep you warm.

{Red beanie by Littlewoods Ireland – Shop it here – shop similar here}
Black velvet top

{Velvet top by Littlewoods Ireland – Shop it here and shop similar here}

Black boots

{Shop the trousers here Shop similar here}

{Jean Jacket by Littlewoods Ireland Shop it here and shop similar here}


Shop a similar outfit below:

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This outfit was kindly gifted to me by Littlewoods Irelands (the boots are by dresses.ie)

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Photos by Katya Koliban

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