Own Your Beauty – The workshop

I can’t believe that it is actually over! It was just a few days ago but it feels like yesterday when all these amazing women were all in one room, sharing their knowledge and tips on one thing that interests them the most. Beauty! 

{Full room of women ready to Own Their Beauty}

On Saturday I had the pleasure to host my first beauty event called “Own Your Beauty”. This workshop has been a dream of mine that I have been thinking for many years since working on my blog and finally, I found the energy and guts to go for it and I am so pleased about that. It all happened in a beautiful room of a Georgian house in Temple Bar Dublin where women of all backgrounds attended to celebrate their unique beauty and find out more about it.

The energy was so positive and the room got full as the starting time approached. I felt so blessed to have so many beautiful women wanting to find out more about all the topics presented and to discover themselves better through the talks. 

{Starting off with my talk on how I owned my Beauty}

The day was a true success and what made it so special was all the people that attended. I loved seeing people walking in the room, wearing big smiles and with warm hearts were ready to take in all the knowledge shared by our speakers. 

We kicked off the day with delicious breakfast, coffee and tea by A Table cafe in Grand Canal and with some lovely cupcake treats by Lolly and Cooks cafe. 

{Women getting to know each other during break sessions}

{Coffee was sponsored by the beautiful A Table cafe in Grand Canal Dock}

{The cupcakes were kindly sponsored by Lolly and Cooks}

A great event comes with interaction and the questions were flying throughout the day turning this group of women that didn’t know each other in the beginning, to a group of women helping each other own their beauty towards the end and sharing their own beauty tips. The topics covered were so many and each speaker had a story to tell and so much information to share, that even myself despite my nerves I had to sit down and listen.

{With two of the speakers, Ann Lenihan of Herbalife and Catherin Cashman of Nuskin}

Throughout the day we found out how each speaker owned their beauty and I was happy to share my tips through my talk, on how I aim to do this every day and how I try to feel more positive and confident.  All the brands involved are brands that I use and I believe in and it was such a great opportunity for everyone to listen from the experts all the right tips on all things beauty such as makeup, hair, skincare, nutrition and tips as well as on how to have a positive attitude in life.

Janette Ryan by Vichy Dermablend showed us how to cover any skin imperfections that we may have by the use of the right makeup products. 

Vichy Dermablend

{Janette Head Trainer of Vichy Dermablend, L’Oreal}

Caroline Hooper by Havana Skin Clinic talked to us about skin and body confidence and how we can achieve it through different treatments that Havana Skin Clinic can offer for ladies that are interested in treating their acne, fat loss or fine lines.

Ann Lenihan by Douglas wellness fitness centre who is also a leading member of Herbalife Ireland gave some great tips around nutrition and captivated the audience with her very inspirational talk about how she managed to change her life by introducing a healthier lifestyle and balancing it with Herbalife products. She managed to change her eating habits and by slowly introducing exercise and rowing she ended up being part of the rowing team who won second place at the over 50’s all Ireland coastal rowing a few weeks after her 51st birthday. 

{Ann Lenihan giving advice on a balanced nutrition and life}

Another inspirational speaker was Catherine Cashman a pilates and physio instructor and a partner of Nuskin, one of the world’s leading skincare companies, who shared her story on finding her own beauty and showed us great tips on how to look after our skin at home with Nuskin’s galvanic spa.

{Catherine Cashman giving advice on how she found her beauty}

{Nuskin Demo on Mei Ling Tong}

Niamh Hogan by Holos Natural Skin Care shared some very interesting facts about looking after our skin before it is too late and making the most out of our products. She also talked to us about how to prevent the first signs of ageing and she helped us understand how to use certain products based on the climate and time of the year.

The day got more interactive and fun with Mel Kuljancic by Davey Davey showing us how to achieve an easy hairdo for Christmas getting everyone excited about the holidays.

Davey Davey hair dressers

{Mel by Davey Davey showing how to achieve the perfect boho curls for Christmas}

The workshop was nicely finished with a quick and easy Christmas makeup demonstration by myself showing everyone how they can achieve a smokey eye with a few easy moves and with products that they all have in their make up bags.

Everyone left with goody bags bursting from all the gifts that our fabulous sponsors supplied. Such as makeup brushes by Nima Brushes, gift vouchers by Havana Skin Clinic to try out the best treatment, discount vouchers by Littlewoods Ireland for their Christmas shopping, products by Moroccan oil, lipsticks and lip liners by NYX Professional Cosmetics, face cream by Declare Ireland, natural skin care products by Holos Natural Skincare and a & day trial to a better skin routine by Herbalife Ireland.

{Goody bag gifts for all attended}

I want to say huge thanks to all the people that helped with this event and particular.

Mei Ling Tong, Antonis Gkogkakis, Viktoria Yaneva and Connector Digital Agency


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Photos by Katya Koliban, Mei Ling Tong and Antonis Gkogkakis

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