Random thoughts of a creative and vulnerable soul on a Wednesday evening…

“Sometimes becoming the person you are meant to be takes time, sometimes you may not fully reach that potential but you will have at least tried”

“The beauty of everything in life is in the process of creating, developing and finding who you truly are”

Dublin Fashion

These are the thoughts going through my mind these days, will I ever be the person I want to be, but mainly do I know who this person is? Maybe I have I already become that person but I have yet to realise it.

Dublin street style fashion

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Leather skirt style

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one thinking like this and I know that there are so many of you, that think this way too.

Getting older sometimes can feel like you are running out of time, not because you won’t have many years to live, but on the contrary, because you may not have taken the full advantage of the years that you have already lived.

We set ourselves so many goals to achieve by a certain age putting pressure on every single thing we do.

But when we reach these goals and the things we want, happen, do we stop, and enjoy the moment?…. I wonder?….

Black coat for winter

Knee high boots iclothing

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I wonder is it society that sets the pulse and tells us that our 20s should be the years where we choose our career, make money and get ourselves ready for our next decade.

Is it that when we reach our 30s we should be established, and ready for greater things in life, such as a  long-term partner and a family. The story will not change and we will carry on through the years pushing, and somewhere in the middle, we have to live, breathe and be.

I wonder if we all find a moment to breathe and be?

How to wear a leather skirt

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Knits for winter

What if life doesn’t bring things this way and you find your mind somehow stuck in the decade of your 20s always wanting to discover, questioning everything you do and always seeking to find your purpose?

Does this make you a helpless romantic who always loves to experiment?

Does this make you a dreamer, or simply a creative?

kassiani Cheirogeorgou      Barequette rope necklace

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Accessories barequettejpg

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Photos by Katya Koliban 

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