A girls night in Limerick – Feat. Clayton Hotel Limerick

I have been living in Ireland about six years now, and there are still places that I haven’t visited, so when the opportunity for a girly night in Limerick came to the picture I was the first to jump on it. Limerick has always been a place that I wanted to visit and it was actually in the plans for my Irish hen party, but somehow this idea never happened. This only meant that we had to postpone the night away till after the wedding madness and when everything would have quietened down. So somehow a post – hen pary was born.    Room with a view by Clayton Hotel Limerick    {Beautiful views of the river Shannon from our room}

It can be so hard to find a date to suit all five of us but somehow we managed to find it! It was the October bank holiday weekend that we decided to head to Limerick and despite the busy roads and the traffic on our way there, our excitement didn’t fade away as we knew that we were up for a treat. We were staying at the Clayton Hotel in Limerick next to the Shannon river so we knew that our accommodation was going to be one to remember.

Clayton Hotel LimerickRiver Shannon view from Clayton Hotel Limerick

It was my first time staying in one of the Clayton Hotels and I was truly impressed by its location. It is situated right next to the river Shannon and our rooms had great views of the river which got better during the night time as the bridges were lit making it even more magical. A spacious room with a huge double bed which was all for me made my stay even better and made me think how much I need a big double bed for our flat.

Luxurious double bed at Clayton Hotel Limerick

The long drive had made everyone hungry so dinner reservations were made. I always love when the hotel I am staying has a restaurant as it makes things a lot easier especially when visiting a new city as there is no need to be researching for a place to eat. The restaurant had exactly what we were looking for, cosy atmosphere with friendly staff and lots of excellent dining choices. I went for the steak and a glass of my favourite Italian wine Montepulciano, making it the best combination for a great start of an evening full of chats with my friends, that I don’t get to see very often.

Starter course at the Clayton Hotel Limerick

{Starter: Mushroom Bruschetta}

Sirloin Steak at the Clayton Hotel Limerick

{Main: Sirloin Steak}

Although we were planning to have a party night at the House in Limerick we were all so tired by the drive and our rooms were so cosy and inviting so we all had a little sleep over catching up and laughing till late hours in our Clayton room hotels. 

The following day we all woke up refreshed and had some much-needed breakfast to get us going for the day. We had lots to see and work on our shoots and head back to Dublin. Clayton hotel made this press day one to remember and we got some well-needed rest and go to explore a new place. I am pretty sure that I will be heading back to Limerick and Clayton hotel will be my first choice.

Breakfast bar choices at Clayton hotel Limerick

{Breakfast bar with lots of variety}

Discovering Limerick with Limerick Carriage tours

As we only to got spend one night in Limerick we found out that the best way to discover the city and get an idea of the size of it and see all the main sights is by hiring a carriage tour. Clayton Limerick hotel had everything organised and we got so excited seeing our carriage waiting for us outside our hotel the evening we arrived. If you are ever in Limerick make sure you book a carriage tour to explore the city while having a glass of prosecco. Our horse Molly was beautiful and did an amazing job taking us around the city, we also got a lot of historical information about Limerick and the staff made sure we were kept warm while being covered up in our warm Paul Costello blankets.

Limerick Carriage tours

Hen party in Limerick carriage tours

{With my friends, Filomena, Mei Ling, Nirina and Lorna}

If you are a hen party visiting Limerick make sure to check out the offers that Clayton Hotel Limerick has here.

Limerick may have been ticketed off my list but I am pretty sure that I will be coming back soon. Huge thanks to Clayton Hotel Limerick for inviting us and making our stay so special.

Have you ever been to Limerick and Clayton Hotel? I would love to know what you got on with, feel free to leave a comment below.


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