The must have fashion accessories for this winter- Feat. Berequette

If someone ever told me that I would get a little bit obsessed with accessories that look like ropes this autumn, I would probably laugh, but somehow it happened and I got introduced to an upcoming Greek brand called Berequette.

Bereket which is actually a Turkish word and means being blessed with wealth is a brand created with love by an Athenian woman, Antonia, who wanted to create something different and more unique for the everyday modern woman.

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Colourful rope-looking accessories made out of wool, whose style is inspired by Africa and Asia, as Antonia confessed in our interview, made me think that that there are so many different accessories to wear apart from precious stones and shiny metals.

With ethical and sustainable fashion in mind, I got playing with them over the last few weeks discovering my more bohemian style and introducing them to my city and every day looks. As the weather is getting colder and we are heading to winter I found all my Berequette accessories so cosy and easy to wear and I discovered that instead of limiting my look, on the contrary, they made it more interesting and something that everyone who saw me wearing them wanted to talk about and feel.

What I actually love about them is that they allow you to be creative as they are so versatile. I turned them into headbands, chokers, long necklaces, and I even wore them as a belt with my jeans and my going out dresses. Every time I played with my Berequette accessories I discovered more ways to wear them and this turned everything into a true Berequette experience.

Just Kassi wearing Berequette

My great interest for these accessories made me want to know more about the person behind them, the designer Antonia Dimopoulou who I got the chance to interview and find out a bit more about her and Berequette.

Berequette style

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JK: How and when was Berequette born?

AD: “I always loved this technique, as I used to work on it a few years back, but Berequette was officially born in October 2016.”

JK: What does Berequette mean and how did you get inspired by the accessories that you are creating?

AD: “My brand Berequette was named after my son. His name is Bereket and in Ethiopia where he is from, Bereket means the Gift of God. My son was truly what inspired me for my brand’s name. However, the actual word is Turkish and it means to be blessed and have plenty.”

Versatile winter Accessories

JK: You have such unique creations and different to the everyday accessories. What has been your inspiration?

AD: “What has really inspired my designs were my travels to Asia and Africa and my visits to the ethnic tribes where women’s style is so raw, unique and captivating. The unique fashion of the local tribes is depicted into my art and you can see signs of it in my accessories. I have been particularly inspired by the Kayan tribe from Myanmar where women wear rings around their necks to elongate them as a long neck is a sign of beauty and elegance. I have also been inspired by the unique and colourful Masai tribe and I have tried to introduce their vivid colours into my designs. Last visiting the Himba tribe, in Northern Namibia, which is known to be a happy tribe with people constantly smiling made me want to also bring this feeling through my designs”

JK: The main material you use for your accessories is wool and metal, are you planning to start exploring new materials in the future?

AD: “My main materials for the moment are wool and metal but I am also planning to explore on how I can introduce ceramic into my accessories that will be designed and drawn by me”

JK: Do you think that this type of accessories is for all women?

AD: “My collection has a huge variety of colours, shapes and designs and I am sure that every woman will find a design to suit her style. The way that every woman styles them is so unique and personal and can very easily make them her own.

Cosy accessories for winter

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Berequette Necklace

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Photos of me by Katya Koliban

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