“Summer Memories” : The little white summer dress

Every time I pack for Greece I end up carrying with me a ton of summer clothes that I don’t get to wear in Dublin. I am always so excited to actually wear my summer clothes without worrying of all the layers that have to come with it, as I mention here, but somehow I always end up wearing one or two pieces for most of the time.

This summer, it was the turn of the white off the shoulder dress that got to travel with me everywhere in Greece. I actually got two similar versions of it, one from Dresses.ie and one from PrettyLittleThing.com just to make sure I was never going to be left without one, and I actually got to wear one of them the day after my wedding. This cute little dress was a saviour as it was the perfect outfit for all occasions.

I wore it in the city, I styled it with sandals and a beach bag and I turned it to the perfect beachwear and I even wore it at evening time with some high heels. It is so easy to wear and so versatile and the fact that it was off the shoulders it meant that I was still getting a nice suntan during the day without worrying of tan marks.

little white dress just kassi

As it was my wedding I invested in a few different white looks and I bought a few white summer dresses that never go out of fashion. A little white dress is as classic as a little black dress.  

off the shoulder white dress just kassi  

I know that the weather is getting colder and the last thing you want to see is summer photos, but have you ever thought that the perfect period to get your summer clothes in the off-season period? I know it may sound odd, bizarre, weird and you might be thinking, Kassi are you getting your seasons wrong. But it’s  actually true. The main reason behind that? Well, of course, most of them are actually ON SALE.

The only thing that you have to consider is that it only happens to be cold in the part of the world that we live and if you also consider all the places that have summer all year round then your thinking process changes and you can see the benefit of buying your summer clothes off season. After all, you never know where you are going to travel next.

summer white dress

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So today I have found a few of my favourite little white dresses all on sale so you can see that summer is always here, you just need to look for it a little bit harder.

caldera view Santorini just kassi

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Photos by Antonis Gk.

Dress by Dresses.ie 

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