My 7 reasons why Spetses is the best island in Greece for a bachelorette

It has been a bit over a month since our wedding and almost a month and a half since the surprise bachelorette weekend that my sister and my friends from Greece organised for me. The memories of our fun couple of days in Spetses are still vivid and I was so happy that I got to spend the last weekend as a single lady with an amazing group of old friends that I don’t get to see very often.

Spetses has some how been a special island to me as it reminds me of the time I used to live in Athens, and even if I have only visited it twice (my second time was at my hen party) I have never been let down from it. Its amazing night life, friendly atmosphere and great bars puts it on my top 5 destinations for a fun, relaxed but also crazy hen weekend away. For all my readers from Ireland or the UK, this island might be new to you but if you are reading from Greece then you know what a popular, fun and cosmopolitan island it is.

Why choose Spetses for your bachelorette?

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1. It is close to Athens

Its perfect location, off the coast of Peloponnese, makes it the perfect get away for a short weekend for all the Athenians and whoever else is visiting Athens from abroad. You can easily get to the island by a high speed ferry taking just under two hours and costing you less than 80 euros return. Don’t be disheartened by the two hours journey as this is considered a short distance for the Greek islands. However, if you are feeling adventurous then you can take a bus or drive to the small village of Kosta (click to see map) and then take a small boat that will cross you over to the island. This is a cheaper option that will cost you about 40 euros but it will actually take double the time to get there or more.

Spetses island Greece


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2. Affordable

Greek islands depending on which islands you visit can be expensive, but Spetses is not one of the expensive ones. You can easily find accommodation for 60 or 80 euros for two people in a decent hotel.

3. Small island

Spetses is a very small island and you can easily walk to places like the bars and and cafes if you are staying near the centre (chora). Being a small island means that you can explore it in just a few days and get to see quite a few of the beaches.

SPETSES Greece carriage

4.  Horse carriages is the main transportation

Imagine horse carriages being the main transportation of an island… Spetses has some elements which make you think that you are in a different era.

Spetses carriage

5. There is always a party happening at the local beach bars

Spetses has quite a few beach bars and wherever you go there will always be a party going, but even if there isn’t one, being a bachelorette you can easily get it started. Some of the beach bars that you should visit are in Ag. Paraskeuh, Vrellos and Kaiki. If you are a bachelorette or a group of girls don’t be surprised if the barmen offer you shots, this is just a nice gesture of the bar staff making you feel welcomed and wanting you to have a good time.

Spetses Kaiki

6. There are many bars and clubs and you are spoiled for choice

One of the main reason that I suggest this island for a fun bachelorette is the amount of bars and clubs that you can find which will guarantee you to have an amazing time. Some of the bars we went to were Bikini bar and Votsalo. 

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7. Friendly people

After spending a couple of days in the island you will find out that you will become friends with most people there and that you will be making new friends by the end of your holiday there.

If you have been to Spertses or in any other Greek islands I would love to hear what you thought

in the comments below.

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Photos by my sister Maria


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