My favourite make up brushes for the budget conscious girl – Feat. Nima Brush

For the last few years that I have been writing about make up and blogging about it, I have tried so many make up products and I have slowly come to have a few favourites. One of the most important things that I have learned all this time, is that in order to achieve a good make up look you need to have the right products and by that I also mean the right make up brushes. It is the small details that make the difference and this counts in everything you do in life.

If one asked me, how many make up brushes they should own to achieve a flawless make up look, even if I would have liked to say as many as you can, this answer wouldn’t be right. There is no magic number but there are some make up brushes that would be good investing in without going over budget.

make up by justkassi

{If you feel like spending here are some MAC brushes that I suggest}

Every woman should really invest in a good foundation brush, a contour brush, a blusher brush and 2 – 3 eye make up brushes. If you were to go to your local MAC store to buy them you could easily spend over 200 euros. I am not saying that MAC brushes are not worth spending for, because they are and they can last you for many years if you know how to look after them. But what happens if you don’t want to spend all that money and what if you are a beginner when it come to using brushes. Then the make up brushes that I would recommend as I have been using them for more than two years is NIMA brushes. A brand, created by by Niamh Martin an Irish make up artist that put her passion to creating a brand that is true to its values offering affordable and beautiful make up brushes to us who look for good quality but also a good price.

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The Detail Set – Artistic Collection

The make up brushes that I am putting to the test in this posts are by the Detailed make up brush set by the Artistic Collection of Nima Brush. It costs 55 euros and it includes 8 make up brushes for your eyes, lips, and face that will cover all your needs for a flawless make up look. I have been using the detailed set for the last year as well as the Kabuki brushes which have been all washed many times as well as travelled around with me and they all are as good as new.

Nimah brushes

{You can buy it here}

Meet Erin – The fan brush

Probably the most used of all these brushes is the fan brush, only because I love applying my highlighter with this brush as it give a more natural application and I love dewy and fresh looking glow that a highlighter can give.

highlighter brush nima brushesmake up tips justkassi

Meet Dannielle – The Angled brush

My second favourite brush is the angled brush, I tent to use it for my eyebrows and some time for a soft eyeliner. Whatever you use it for, it is a brush that will give a more precise look to whatever you want to achieve.

just kassi eyebrow makeup brushes nimah

Meet Aoibheann – The lip detailed brush

If you are not Irish this brush name will have you thinking, but apart from that  you will find it is extremely helpful when applying a strong red lip and the last thing you need is to mess it up. It is so precise and is the best for this type of work.

justkassi lip brushes

Meet Emma – The concealer brush

Even if I am used to applying concealer with my finger tips rather than with a brush there are some cases that a concealer brush can be very useful, especially for the last touches.

concealer make up brush review nimah brushes

Meet Kate – The detail shader brush

A more compact make up brush with shorter bristles perfect for last touches on your eye make up. I would say that this brushes is the exact opposite of a blending brush so always use less quantity eye shadow and then build up.

justkassi make up brushes

 just kassi new make up brushes review

Meet Lady – The Pencil smugger brush

Great for what it is designed but also great to be used as small buffer brush. Great to use for blending colours in very small areas.

Nima brush review artistic collection

 Nimah brushes new collection

{Shop the collection here}

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Photos by Katya Koliban

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