Discover Greece – Sunsets in Milina and Lafkos, South Pelion Mountain

I have been meaning to work on this blog post for quite some time now, and I am very happy to actually post it as my first article of August, which is my official summer month. As we all know I love to spend my summers in my home country, Greece, and my favourite part Pelion Mountain.  In a few weeks, I will be heading to enjoy some quiet time before my wedding and get to work on my tan. But for now let me take you through my two very cute and hidden villages in South Pelion, the beautiful Milina and the picturesque Lafkos.

Sunset colours Milina

Through my travels, I try my best to help you discover my country and its hidden gems (hyper link Agios Ioannis) which I am pretty sure that very few of you have heard and even less of you have visited.

Milina for Sunsets

Sunsets in Milina

{Sunsets in Milina}

In the South West part of Mountain Pelion you will find a small fishing village known for its beautiful sunsets, fish taverns and homemade desserts that you can find in the local cafes. Milina is about an hour drive from the city of Volos and can get quite busy during August from tourist around Greece and Northern Europe. Milina is very well known for sailing as many tourists choose to rent a sail boat and explore the area by sea. Apart from sailing, there are a lot of beaches to discover and some of them are near the village of Chorto just a few kilometres away. Make sure to visit Olive Bay, and Ledra hotel if you are looking for organised beaches with umbrellas and sun beds.

The main thing that you have to enjoy in Milina is the beautiful sunset. I have spent a few summers there and the sunsets are so vivid in my mind. The colours can differ from day to day and even though it is not as popular as the sunsets in Oia (Santorini) they are as majestic.

Sunsets Justkassi milina

 Lafkos for traditional Greek food

About 10km north of Milina you can find the very traditional, small and picturesque village of Lafkos. The time has stopped in this place, you will find children playing outdoors, riding their bikes, playing with balls and old men counting the worry beads (komboloi) drinking coffee, playing tavli  (backgammon) and letting the time go by as easy as possible.

taverna laykos

{The Greek tavernas in the main square of the village that you should not miss}

Πηλιο χωριο Λαύκος

Lafkos is known for its amazing view of the Pagasitikos gulf the traditional tavernas and of course the very famous and oldest kafeneio (cafe) in Greece. The local coffee shop of the Fordlida family, has been running since 1785 and many famous people of the area used to go there like the novelist Alexandros Papadiamantis. Its main customers would be older men drinking their coffee and chatting with their neighbouring tables. Women wouldn’t usually visit it.

Kafeneio Laykos pelion

Laukos and its few traditional tavernas with home made food as a Greek mum would have cooked it bring many visitors to the village. So if you go make sure to eat there and then make your way to Milina for the sunset.

Laykos pelion

{Lafkos main square }

Oldest Coffee shop in Greece

{The traditional cafe running since 1785}

Why don’t you visit Pelion mountain this summer and treat yourself to a unique experience and get to know the real Greece?  Read more about what to see in Pelion mountain here.

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