What to expect on my Private Beauty Workshops

Last week I held my first private beauty workshop and I was so happy to see such a big interest in the event. Next week I am holding one more, it is taking place on Sunday, August 6th and I would like to give you more information on what to expect. So I think that this blog post will be very useful to all the people that messaged me and that are interested in attending.

So what should you expect and how do these workshops work?

The main reason I am working on these workshops is to get to know all of you better and give you more personalised tips on beauty and makeup up. It is a nice way to actually get to know each other, meet other like-minded women, and discuss any problems or questions that you might have in a very relaxed environment. My private workshops are a judgement free zone and are here to empower you.

Beauty Tips:

In all my workshops there will be a lot of beauty tips covering your morning beauty routine, night routine, when and how to exfoliate your face and body when to use your SPF or serum. I will also be sharing my best and favourite products and I will be answering any questions that you might have.

collage - workshop 23 july

{Workshop – 23 July}

Makeup Tips:

Having studied to be a makeup artist, and being fully in love with anything that has to do with makeup, I will be showing the differences between a makeup look that means business and a makeup look that will set you to be the party queen. I will show you the tricks and tips for applying a flawless makeup  and depending on the topic each time, we will be focusing on either how to achieve your morning office make up, the perfect smoky eye, or a bold lip. You will discover so many little things that you need to pay attention when doing your makeup and it is always the little details that make a difference and add to the big result.

Meet with friends and make new friends:

My last workshops were a great chance for friends to meet up and for people to make new friends. It is amazing how beauty can bring women together and the conversation that we have in these workshops are quite unique.

collage 9 July workshop

{Workshop – 9 july}

Join my Girl Gang

Every time that a new group attends my private beauty workshops, “Beauty Made Simple” you will immediately become part of my very special “Girl Gang”. This means that you become part of a private Facebook Group where I can provide you personal advice in any questions that you might have benefiting the whole group. So if you are looking for a special dress for a wedding, or if you have questions on how to do your make up, or if you are looking for recommendations on makeup artists, salon etc. I will be there to give you the best-personalised advice. So apart from all the information, I share daily with you all through JustKassi.com, now I will be able to provide a more tailored advise as I would have met you!

Where is the location?

The fun part is that they can take place anywhere! You may want to book out a date and organise this gathering/workshop in your own place with your own friends. It could be something that you can organise for a friend’s birthday, for a hen party, or it can be a simple get together at someone’s house. If this is not what you desire then I will find the perfect place for these to be hosted each time.


You can pay whatever you think is worth!

(Please note that if you want to host one of these workshops outside of Dublin then expenses should be covered)

Find out about my “Beauty Made Simple” Workshop here 




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