Beauty Made Simple – Private Beauty workshops

Do you feel intimidated from all the elaborate and difficult makeup looks you see on Instagram?

Have you ever wanted someone to help you with your beauty routine, show you the ins & outs correct you if you are doing something wrong and teach you a few tricks that you can take away all tailored for you?

Then the “Beauty Made Simple” workshop series is just for you!


I have been thinking about it for so long and I am finally getting to do it! What better way to get to meet all of you that have been supporting me for so long than organising a private workshop for you, your friends and family where we can talk about beauty and make up.

From reading my blog all this time you know that I am an advocate of natural looking makeup and I am all about embracing your natural beauty through your make up and style. I never overdo my make and my style is never over the top.

make up WITH FRIENDS (1)

I believe that makeup and style are there to help us enhance our natural beauty rather than hide it under many layers of foundation or concealer.

In the series of beauty workshop that I am planning to do in the following months my aim is to:

  • Help you embrace your natural self,
  • Help you reveal your beauty through make up rather than hide it
  • Show you my best tips and trick on how to achieve a perfect makeup look in a few minutes.

The workshops will also cover what your beauty routine should be like and we will also get to discuss about anti ageing. You will get to do your make up under my instructions and we will also go through your make up bag and see how best you are using your products work for you best.

In the first series of workshop, we will go through the Perfect Office Look and I will have you leaving the workshop refreshed, energized and with excellent make up!

This workshop is aimed at all the girls that want to spend a few fun hours with their friends on their own space

AVAILABLE DATES: 23 July – 6th August – 13 August.


LOCATION:  If you choose to book one date and you bring 5 – 7 of your friends then the workshops can take place at your place. If there is a mixed interest of friends then the workshop can take place at my place. * If I am required to travel for the workshop then travel expenses will be charged 

Groups: 5 – 7 people


Find more details and show your interest on the Facebook Event group here

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