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Last month I shot this look with Katya so she can use it on her website, you can see it here, and I have wanted to share it with you as I love the photos and dress, but somehow I couldn’t find the right topic for it. I have been scribbling down titles and notes of all the topics that I want to write and share but they just didn’t feel right for now. So I just thought that sometimes there is no need to plan, maybe starting to write from the heart is what should work. So this is what I did…

This July has been such a roller coaster of emotions, and we are only half way through! In the beginning of the month I was ready to start announcing and sharing something that I have been planning but then nerves kicked in and my mind was not aligned with my heart. In a few words, I panicked!

If I was to start sharing and putting it out there, then I would be all stressed during a very special time of my life, which only happens once, my wedding.

So I decided to take a step back and give myself the time it requires, I though a bit more logically without comparing myself to others and criticising me for the things I hadn’t achieved.

Just kassi shoot IMMA Dublin Just Kassi Silver dress

The weeks are passing by and now our wedding date seems closer and closer. In a month I will be heading to Greece to get all the last details organised and enjoy a bit of summer weather. Most of my to-do list has been ticked off but I am sure that there will be so many more things to consider while I am there.

Organising a wedding from abroad is not an easy task, especially when you don’t have a wedding planner but somehow after a year of preparations and a few flights to Greece, everything seems to be falling into place.

just kassi windswept hair justkassi wedding

When Antonis proposed back in December 2015 the thought of having a wedding in the summer of 2016 seemed too rushed and something that would make me panic. There would have been time to get things done, but I am the type of person that wants time to simmer situations and to wait for the excitement to die down so we can all get planning.

This is something that I realised while I grow older; I always need more time than I think I need, to get things going and to action plans or projects. It might be because I am getting older, but mostly it might be because when I really want something special to happen I panic and get scared and it feels like I have to climb mountain Everest and forget that I just have to enjoy the ride. This does not apply just to organising a wedding; it applies to many things in life.

Now that we are almost on the other side of mountain Everest, and most of the details are set all I want is to enjoy the time until my wedding and the actual day as it will just fly by.

Kilmainham shoot wedding thoughts just kassi blog

{Dress by Dorothy Perkins}

Wedding thoughts justkassi Wedding thoughts justkassi blog {Shoes by Penneys } also seen here – Shop the real Gucci shoes here 

The dress is a few seasons back and is not available to purchase now but I have selected a few dresses that are similar to it in case you are interested in it.collage white silver dress

Shop first dress from the left here

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Photos by Katya Koliban 

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